" A fuel-efficient Soviet car. "


You can find this car in the "Searching for truth" quest at the Abandoned bandit's camp. Either disassemble it for a car battery or use it. You need the car battery for another quest but since you can make one at LVL 5 Chemistry disassembling is not recommended.


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Recipe is unlocked at mechanics skill level 7
Requires the following materials :
Requires the following tools :
Results :




Need tools, gives :

  • Auto spare parts x
  • Tires x
  • spark plug x
  • Machine oil x
  • Automotive battery x
  • Disassembled car ZAZ-968 x1

Broken ZAZ-968

Auto broken

This car is broken, you can disassemble it to get some spare parts

  • Item weight : 773 Kg


Need tools, gives :

Disassembled ZAZ-698

ZAZ-968A d
This car misses tires, automotive battery and some other parts.
  • Item weight : 900 kg


Need hacksaw, gives :

  • Scrap Metal x250-500
  • "Destroy" value +?

Forging+1 exp.


  • Necessary to assemble the Electromobile
  • If you electromobile reaches 100% wearout and breaks, you will obtain a broken electromobile. Dissassembling it will give back essential parts of the electromobile (Electric motor, Nuclear battery) and a dissassembled ZAZ.

Real Life

1280px-ZAZ-968 front

original ZAZ 968


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