Whiskey is an alcoholic drink item in Day R Survival. It reduces radiation while increasing water and energy. It requires 28 days fermentation, but can be aged for years. Besides cooking it yourself, it can be obtained by defeating some super bandit camps.



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  • Barrel (Whiskey) (Done)


  • 40-50 Whiskey The type depends on how long it fermented


If after fermentation, the whiskey is left in the barrel, it will start "aging". After each year, the whiskey will have aged and have better effects.

  • Whiskey (28 days old)
  • Whiskey I (1 year old) 1 year from first fermented whiskey
  • Whiskey II (2 years old) 1 year from previous
  • Whiskey III (3 years old) 1 year from previous
  • Whiskey V (5 years old) 2 years from previous
  • Whiskey X (10 years old) 5 years from previous
  • Whiskey XL (40 years old) 30 years from previous

Whiskey does not mature in the bottle, only in the barrel. Therefor, the "age" of a whiskey is actually the time between distillation and uncorking. The oldest possible age you can get in game is 40 years old whiskey or Whiskey XL.



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Whiskey I

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  • link={{{2}}}: -40

Whiskey II

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  • link={{{2}}}: +6
  • link={{{2}}}: -50

Whiskey III

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  • link={{{2}}}: +7
  • link={{{2}}}: -60

Whiskey V

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  • link={{{2}}}: +8
  • link={{{2}}}: -70

Whiskey X

  • link={{{2}}}: +5
  • link={{{2}}}: +9
  • link={{{2}}}: -80

Whiskey XL

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  • link={{{2}}}: +10
  • link={{{2}}}: -90


1 whiskey -> 5 sugar in Krasnoyarsk.

50 Whiskey ->1 car battery in Irkutsk.


  • The letters after fermentation types are Roman numerals. They represent how long the whiskey has been aged (II is for two years old whiskey, V is five years old, X is ten years old, and so on).
  • How long you age whiskey can vary because of a time lag where the game does not register the time that passes. To avoid this, always check your base or the location where you age your whiskey.
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