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A welder, also called a "welding power supply" is an electrical device used to perform welding. Electrodes must be replaced regularly to repair it, which gives 2 durability points back per Electrode. The welder is essential to assembling vehicles and HMR, and repairing metal armors (such as Iron, Steel and Tank armor).

Initially the welder will have 10 charges, and when depleted, it will be replaced with a broken welder, which must be repaired in order to be used again (i.e., it cannot be reloaded once broken).



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Recipe is unlocked at level 8 with research points.
Requires the following materials :
Requires the following tools :
Results :
  • +1 Welder

Looting (Broken only)




150 auto amo -> 1 welder


Welder (Broken)


  • Since the welder breaks when fully depleted, it is recommended to reload before it is fully depleted. Since each electrode will restore 2 usages, one can reload 4 times when the usage remaining is 1 or 2. Repairing a welder requires much more rare resources (electrical cable) and hence should be avoided.
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