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Information on this page is accurate for version v.679 and can differ from the current info in v.716.


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Weather is a natural in-game component that occurs randomly in the map. Some weather events posed no threat however there are those that can significantly affect gameplay. Weather lasts typically within 7 days and the type of weather also depends on the season the survivor is currently in. Players can also experience themselves animations and sound effects from specific weather events.


There are 4 seasons within a year and each season lasts for 3 months.

  • Winter - December, January, February
  • Spring - March, April, May
  • Summer - June, July, August
  • Autumn - September, October, November


Listed below are most of the known weather events observed in-game including their effects and the season types.

Weather Type Effects Season
Sun.png Moon.png Clear Weather no special effects Spring, Summer & Autumn
Sun.png Moon.png Clear Winter Weather Increased movement speed across all bodies of water Winter
Frost.png Frost +25% Food Decay

+50% Food Storage Time

Increased movement speed across all bodies of water

Snow storm.png Blizzard -20% Movement Speed

Increased movement speed across all bodies of water

Lull.png Lull -25% Radiation in Towns

0 radiation in radioactive biomes

Northern Lights (Aurora).png Northern Lights +50% Light Winter
Barren Season.png Barren Season -50% Amount of berries, mushrooms and herbs found

-50% Harvest from Greenhouse

Hungry Season.png Hungry Season +20% Chance to meet animals Spring
Fresh Wind.png Fresh Breeze 50% Radiation decrease in cities and biomes Spring
Slush.png Slush -20% Transport Speed

+10% Transport Wear Out

Spring, Autumn
Mist.png Fog -10% Movement Speed

-1 Firing Range

Spring, Autumn
Rain.png Rain -50% Light

(You can't kindle a fire by friction)

Spring, Autumn
Tail Wind.png Dust Storm Radiation Levels:

+25% Town

+25% Radioactive Wasteland

+25% Radioactive Swamp

+25% Radioactive Forest

+1 Wasteland

+1 Road

Anomalous Heat.png Anomalous Heat +25% Water consumption

-50% Food storage time

Increased movement speed in Swamps

Working Season.png Working Season +20% Chance to meet Bandits Summer
Black Mist.png Black Sky 0% Light Summer
Harvest Season.png Harvest Season +50% Amount of berries, mushrooms and herbs found

+50% Harvest from Greenhouse

Well Fed Season.png Abundant Season Animals are attacking less often Autumn
Acid Rain.png Radioactive Fallout 25% Increased radiation in cities and radioactive biomes

Added radiation in Forest, Coast and Swamps

Wind.png Favourable Wind +10% Movement speed Autumn

Special Weather Event

Some weather types can only be encountered during special events such as Halloween and Christmas. These weather events have unique effects that can either benefit or negatively impact the players gameplay.

Halloween Event 2020
Weather Types Effects
Sun.png Dream Fog -50 Max Energy

+50% Rest Bonus

Sun.png Bloody Moon +20% Chance to meet monsters

+50% Light

Full Moon.png Full Moon +20% Wolf Pet damage

+50% Light

Mist.png Mysterious Fog +20% Chance to miss
Sun.png Eternal Zenith -25 Max Water

100% Light

Eerie Night.png Eerie Night 20% Damage to enemies and allies

0% Light

Sun.png Salt Sediments +50% Salt found
Sun.png Sugar Rain +50% Sugar found
Snow Cloud.png Breath of Winter +25% Food cost

+50% Food storage time

Increased movement speed in all bodies of water

Sun.png Pumpkin Harvest +50% Pumpkin harvest from Greenhouse

+20% Lil' Pum' kin damage

Rain.png Inverted Rain -50% Light
Sun.png Amateur Star +25% Crafting speed
Sun.png Howling Winds +15% Movement speed

25% Energy cost

Sun.png The Mystery of Water Increased movement speed across all bodies of water

Christmas & New Year Event 2021
Weather Event Effects
Sun.png Mandarin Madness +50% Tangerines obtained from Greenhouse
Sun.png Dream Fog Max energy -50

Rest bonus +50%

Snow storm.png Radioactive Snowfall +25% Increased radiation in cities and radioactive biomes

Added radiation to Wasteland and Roads

Snow Cloud.png Dry Air +15% Water consumption

-15 Maximum Water

Snow Cloud.png Severe Frost +20% Food Decay

+20% Energy Decay

+60% Food Storage Time

Sun.png Polar Day 100% Light
Moon.png Polar Night 0% Light
Snow Cloud.png Breath of Winter +10% Movement speed

+10% Transport speed

Snow Cloud.png Winter Fishing +50% Amount of Fresh Fish
Mist.png Frosty Fog +20% Miss chance
Snow Cloud.png Deep Snow -10% Movement speed

-25% Transport speed

Sun.png Hunting Season +20% Chance to meet animals

+20% Wolf Pet damage


Some weather events offers additional features that players can take advantage into. Specifically during winter season and rainy seasons.

Snow Cloud.png Winter Weather

  • During winter season, all bodies of water such as Coast, Swamp, Radioactive Swamp and Crater (filled with water) will turn into Ice. Players will be able to travel in ice-covered bodies of water as they would normally do inland.
  • Players will not be able to use Handmade Raft,Motor Boat and Motorized Raft for the duration of the weather event. However, walking and travelling using vehicles on Ice increases the movement speed of the player.
  • Players will not be able to gather Dirty Water from all bodies of water however, they can extract Ice from it and turn them to clean drinking water. Players can use tools when extracting Ice, similar to cutting down Firewood from the forest.

Rain.png Rainy Weather

Weather Calendar

Except when events are on-going, the order of which weather would occur is fixed at the beginning of the game, and keep cycling through the years. Below is the order of weather occurrences, with the date based on the first year (1990):

Date Weather
Jan 1 Frost
Jan 8 Clear Winter Weather
Jan 15 Lull
Jan 22 Clear Winter Weather
Jan 29 Snow Storm
Feb 5 Clear Winter Weather
Feb 12 Northern Lights
Feb 19 Clear Winter Weather
Feb 26 Frost
Mar 5 Hungry Season
Mar 12 Clear Weather
Mar 19 Fresh Breeze
Mar 26 Clear Weather
Apr 2 Slush
Apr 9 Clear Weather
Apr 16 Fog
Apr 23 Clear Weather
Apr 30 Rain
May 7 Clear Weather
May 14 Slush
May 21 Clear Weather
May 28 Hungry Season
Jun 4 Dust Storm
Jun 11 Clear Weather
Jun 18 Anomalous Heat
Jun 25 Clear Weather
Jul 2 Working Season
Jul 9 Clear Weather
Jul 16 Black Sky
Jul 23 Clear Weather
Jul 30 Anomalous Heat
Aug 6 Clear Weather
Aug 13 Harvest Season
Aug 20 Clear Weather
Aug 27 Dust Storm
Sep 3 Abundant Season
Sep 10 Clear Weather
Sep 17 Fog
Sep 24 Clear Weather
Oct 1 Rain
Oct 6 Clear Weather
Oct 15 Slush
Oct 22 Clear Weather
Oct 29 Tail Wind
Nov 5 Clear Weather
Nov 12 Radioactive Fall Out
Nov 19 Clear Weather
Nov 26 Abundant Season
Dec 3 Frost
Dec 10 Clear Winter Weather
Dec 17 Barren Season
Dec 24 Clear Winter Weather
Dec 31 Frost