" It helps you to collect clean water. "

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Water Purifier are one of the building structures that is mainly used to collect Clean Water and Dirty Water. It is an upgraded version of the Draw Well capable of gathering huge amount of water in a single go. However, the materials needed to fuel up the purifier is rather costly so its best to have enough inhand to avoid losing possible profits when mass crafting items.

The building is also a pre-requisite for constructing Greenhouses.


Water Purifier's schematics is available once survivors reach level 75. Its crafting recipe could then be unlocked in-exchange for 3 Research Points.

ForgeForge Constructing

Required Tools Result
Draw Well x1 Draw well.png Workbench


Building (Water Purifier) x1

Water Purifier (Mark).png

Iron Pipe x20 Water pipe.png
Auto Spare Parts x20 Gears.png
Scrap x500 Scrap metal.png
Glue or Insulating Tape x100 Glue tape.png
Cement x1 Cement-0.png
Gasoline x10,000 Gas.png
Machine Oil x5,000 Machine Oil.png
Activated Charcoal x500 Activated charcoal.png
Chlorcystamine x5 Chlorcystamine.png

Required Result
Tool Kit Tools.png +2% Build
Shovel Shovel.png
Welder Welder.png
Generator (Fuelled Up) Generator.png

Required Result
Water Purifier Water purifier.png Draw Well x1 Draw well.png
Iron Pipe x10 Water pipe.png
Tool Kit Tools.png Auto Spare Parts x10 Gears.png
Shovel Shovel.png Scrap x250 Scrap metal.png

Note: When building the furnace with Welder and Generator, it is recommended to keep the generator's use down to 10%. By doing this, survivors can maximise their use and save more resources compared when assembling new Generators.


Once the Water Purifier is built, survivors can finally start collecting either Dirty Water or Clean Water. The structure has 100% durability before it needs to be refuelled again. At maximum, survivors can get more dirty water compared to clean water.

UseUse Collecting / Fuelling

Required Result
Water Purfier Water purifier.png
  • 10 Dirty Water in a single click
  • Survivors can get a maximum of 10k Dirty Water from the purifier
  • Survivors can get infinite Dirty Water from the purifier as much as they want without losing the buildings fuel

Required Result
Water Purifier Water purifier.png

Required Result
Water Purifier (No Fuel) Water Purifier (No Fuel).png Water Purifier (100% Fuel)

Water purifier.png

Gasoline x10,000 Gas.png
Activated Charcoal x500 Activated charcoal.png
Chlorcystamine x5 Chlorcystamine.png


  • As long as there's a single Water Purifier built, survivors can build as much Greenhouses as they want.

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