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" Nothing interesting here, just dust and dry grass "


The wasteland is a light yellow area on the map that looks like a barren landscape.

Aside from animals and mutants, bandits can be found roaming the wastelands of the post nuclear world.

Flora Edit

Wasteland plant life is pretty basic but can be just enough to keep a survivor alive when sickness or injuries strike.


Being a non radioactive biome, the local wildlife is composed of non radiated animals but mutants are still present in lesser numbers.

Human enemies Edit

Human presence on the wasteland is determined by the location on map.

  • Crazy person: Western Russian wasteland and European wasteland.
  • Looters: Share the same territory as the crazy persons.
  • Bandits: Their strength and type will vary depending on the location on the map, as the survivor moves to the east, the stronger the opposing force he will encounter.

Random encounters Edit

  • Cornfield (Very rare)
  • Potato field (Very rare)
  • Vegetable field (Very rare)
  • Scrap (common)
  • Smoke column (very rare)


  • Roads and wastelands share the same biome picture.
  • Wastelands and roads are the only biome where human presence is not bound to a random encounter as bandits can be seen on the enemy list for the biome.

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