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Located on the western survivor camps area, the survivors of Voronezh created the camp that bears the name of where they come from. The player mentions the large number of kids populating the camp and the success of their livestock holdings.

" In the Voronezh settlement, they successfully created a small livestock holding, so the locals' rations include pork and poultry, even if they are stringy. There are quite a lot of kids here - most of them work as equals alongside the adults from an early age "

Talking to the locals will result in the player getting to know of the camp troubles and the election of a new leader at the time of the players arrival.

" From chatting with the locals, i learned that Medical supplies are scarce in the camp and the problem´s getting worse. Some people also mentioned ´difficult teenagers´ who were ´running completely wild´. The settlement also has a new leader, Jeanna, a former School principal from Voronezh "

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Voronezh is located South-west of Moscow.

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Two quests are available, must talk to the settlement leader in order to activate them.

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On both quests, Jeanna is referred to as Svetlana in the player´s notes even though Svetlana does not reside at the Voronezh survivor camp and the Oakum quest mentions Magnitogorsk Survivor Camp, this is a remnant of v.593 when both Svetlana and the quests were located at Magnitogorsk survivor camp.

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