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This is the only quest given at the Magnitogorsk survivor camp.

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It is Fedya´s birthday and he wants to celebrate with his friends and some vodka, but the settlement leader will not spare him any. Fedya will ask the player to help him out and bring him some Vodka.

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Note №2. Vodka.

" He looks rough... Okay, I´ll bring him vodka. But only because it´s his birthday! "

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Vodka is a common item around the wasteland as it is no a quest specific item, it is probable that at the moment of arrival to the survivor base you will already possess a couple of bottles.

Vodka can be obtained by:

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Voronezh survivor camp
Buys Quantity Sells Quantity
Molotov cocktail x1 Vodka x1

After finding vodka, and giving it to Fedya, the quest will end.

Note №3. Vodka.

" Done. I helped a drunkard on his birthday... "

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V6?? Edit

  • No longer requires Pickles nor an ushanka as both items were removed.
  • No need to fight a bear.
  • Bad bear, caps and a firearm book are not given as rewards after v1.663.
  • Location changed from Novosibirsk to Magnitogorsk.
  • After completing the quest, Fedya no longer will have a hangover and neither will he express his desire to quit drinking. He only asks the player to join him.

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