" This lighter reminds me of the time I saved Gena, the guy from Tula. I saved his life and stopped him from becoming killer. "

Vintage lighter Edit

Also known as the collector's lighter, this lighter is the best in the game. To obtain it, you need to complete the "A mother's request" side quest in the "Searching for Truth" quest line. More on that below.

Stats Edit

This lighter has 50 uses and does not disappear when broken. Instead, you can refuel it with 50 gasoline.

Walkthrough Edit

In order to obtain the lighter, you need to be at a certain point in the Searching for Truth quest.

  1. Start the quest where you need to go to nearby ruins to save Gena.
  2. Save him and do not wait for the lynx to bite him (this needs testing).
  3. After rescuing him leave, him in the clearing before entering the camp (the gun you give him cannot be returned).
  4. Go and talk to Vanya to bring him in the clearing (you must drink with him so that he agrees).
  5. Leave him there and hide in the bushes so you can observe the scene.
  6. When Gena brings out the gun, you can stop him from killing Vanya. Do it and at the end of the mission you will get the powerful flashlight from his mother as well as this lighter from him as a reward for stopping him from becoming a killer.
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