Information on this page is accurate for version v.667 and can differ from the current info in v.674.


Trading is the main form of commerce in the wasteland, each survivor base has a merchant who offers different goods in exchange for others. It is also possible to make exchanges between players in the online mode. Caution!! not all objects can be traded, for more information see Forbidden items.

NPC Trading

Nearly all survivor camp shelters have a trader, and Magnitogorsk has two. These traders will buy and sell specific items in exchange for ot and will perform an unlimited number of trades.

Trade Router tool (updated for v656)

As of v656, all of the old trade routes are gone.




Gorenicji (Kiev)



Magnitogorsk (fitter)

Magnitogorsk (trader)










Players trading


Player trading is not done though an official mechanic, but instead utilizes the gifting mechanic of parceling. Two players engaging in a trade must stand in close proximity, drop the trade items on the ground in a camp, and then package and send to the receiver. the recipient then then does the same in return with their end of the bargain.

Because the items are not traded directly, and instead relies on both players ending their end of the bargain, it is vulnerable to scams. Make sure that you trust who you are trading with, and keep an eye out in chat for warnings. If you are unsure if a trading partner is trustworthy, ask them to send first, or trade small volumes instead. Fortunately, scams tend to be relatively rare, but as with anything online, it all depends on individual members of the community.


Sulfuric Acid link={{{2}}} is typically the most popular form of "currency" in most online transactions between players. However, some players prefer to bypass the currency and perform direct barter trades, one item for another.

Sulfuric acid is often abbreviated as @ in chat, as it is more lightweight and can be traded in Tyumen for highly desired fuel.

As of the v.656 update, moonshine is no longer a valid type of currency. the trade route that it was used on is now gone.


Sometimes, players can offer "jobs" an "hire" other players. This is usually done by the employer supplying necessary materials to the employee to perform a (usually monotonous or laborious) task, such as chopping wood, forging nails, burning charcoal. The employee then sends back the accumulated materials and is paid by the employer for their time.

The employer may not have the patience or time to perform the assigned task themselves, especially if they require large volumes of materials (such as charcoal) for more advanced crafting. In addition to getting paid (often in acid), the employee often uses the jobs to gain player experience to level up. Leveling is often a grind, and if you can get paid for it, all the better. The payment for the job is negotiated beforehand between the parties, sometimes with partial payment in advance as insurance or to provide the necessary equipment. Available jobs and prices can change frequently, especially with game updates which alter the player experience and crafting, so for up to date information it is often best to ask in your local chat.

Forbidden Items

Some items cannot be traded with other players in the Online Mode.

Here is the Forbidden Items list.

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