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Information on this page is accurate for version v.686 and can differ from the current info in v.690.


Survivors have established trading posts along the wasteland in their respective camps, because paper money is no longer active in the post-nuclear wasteland, the main form of commerce consist in the exchange of items. With the exception of Novokuznetsk and Mirny, all survivor camps will trade with the survivor.

Online mode

Online mode offers the ability to engage in trading between players, this expands the amount of goods obtainable that otherwise are not available at the survivor camps.

More on Online trading below.

Trading camps

As mentioned before, only 2 survivor camps lacks trading post, for this reason the following map only shows the camps were trading is possible.

Survivor camps map.jpg

> Items that you offer : > Items that you get :


01 Alcohol 05 Salt
01 Lymph 01 Coffee
20 Revolver ammo 01 Chlorcystamine
03 Vodka 01 Hand mill


10 Energizing potion 01 Rubber part
05 Vodka 01 Hacksaw
01 Flour 10 Nettles
50 Coal 01 Pasta


01 Bone glue 20 Sulfur
01 Plastic explosive 01 Cement
50 Activated charcoal 01 Auto spare part
01 Flour 10 Bricks

Gorenichi (Kiev)

01 Cloth 05 Fire bricks
01 Iron pipe 250 Lead
20 TT Ammo 01 Byrocarm
01 Assault rifle part 03 Apples
03 Threads 01 Cigarette


10 Tanned leather 01 Chainsaw
50 Whiskey 01 Car battery
01 Stew meat 150 Sulfur
01 Soap 05 Rice


20 Jam 01 Chemistry set
01 Whiskey 05 Sugar
01 Smoked fatback 01 Pepsi
100 Scrap metal 01 Buckwheat

Magnitogorsk (fitter)

01 Steel 10 PM shells
01 Steel 10 TT shells
01 Steel 10 Revolver shells
01 Steel 05 Assault rifle shells
01 Steel 05 Rifle shells

Magnitogorsk (trader)

01 Chitin 100 Scrap metal
05 Lidiacide-34 01 Electrode
100 Machine oil 500 Lead
01 Handmade rocket 100 Steel


10 Antibiotics 01 Gas mask filter
01 Energizing potion 01 Spark plug
01 Honey 10 Threads
03 Pickled vegetables 01 Lighter


05 Primers 01 Battery
05 Cement 01 Chemical suit
01 Homemade wine 25 Fresh bones
01 IR-190 04 Tires


01 Gunpowder 01 Paper
20 Nails 01 Tea
01 Dried fish 20 Rags
01 TT ammo 01 Corn


03 Gunpowder grenades 01 Tool kit
01 Bone glue 01 Wheat
20 Rifle ammo 01 Wine
01 Rifle parts 01 Canned beef
500 Gasoline 10 Salt


01 Detoxifying potion 03 Insulating tape
150 Assault rifle ammo 01 Welder
100 Wires 01 Electrical cable
03 Fresh fish 01 Vegetables


01 Soap 100 Saltpeter
01 Healing salve 03 TT ammo
05 Strawberries 01 Wire
10 Cloth 01 Pot


01 Tanning mixture 02 Ropes
50 Dried meat 01 Crowbar
05 Fresh bones 01 Bicycle spare part
01 Poison 02 Potatoes


01 Sulfuric acid 1,000 Gasoline
01 Sulfuric acid 2,000 Diesel
01 Fat 50 Machine oil
01 Salt 25 Coal


01 Molotov cocktail 01 Vodka
20 PM ammo 01 Metocaine
50 Scrap metal 01 Motorcycle parts
02 Pistol parts 01 Condensed milk

Random Encounters

Searching a normal non radioactive forest might spawn the following message:

I came across a dugout shelter in the woods. The coals in the firepit were warm, so someone must live here and can't be very far away. I don't hear any noise inside.

For more information visit the random encounters entry.

Survivor Dugout (Forest)

10 Salt 01 Detoxifying potion
02 Cigarettes 01 Potato
05 Rifle ammo 01 Tanned leather

Player trading (Online mode)

As said before, online mode offers the ability to engage in trading between players. While no official player trading mechanic exists, this is done via the gift mechanic also known as Sending a parcel, this is how it works:

Two players engaging in a trade must stand in close proximity one to the other, drop the trade items on the ground making a small camp, and then package and send to the receiver. The recipient then does the same with their own package in order to successfully complete the trade.


In order to keep the balance of the game some restrictions exist:

  1. No more than 25 different objects per parcel.
  2. No more than 10,000 items of the same species. (10,000 apples)
  3. Some items are forbidden to trade.

Failing any of these rules will cause an error message to appear explaining the reasons why the package is not being delivered.

Extra considerations

Because the system is intended to be a gifting mechanic the trade rely on both players completing their trade obligation, this means there is no method of instant mutual package delivery and thus scamming can occur.

Before trading make sure that:

  1. Trust who you trade with.
  2. Listen for other player warnings and experiences.
  3. Trade in small volumes for precaution.
  4. Trade in the respective channels (Commercial), this is to avoid overflowing General and Premium chats.


No real form of currency exists in the game and even caps don't see any usage outside of the in-game shop, still players trade giving value to objects in what seems to be the most valuable object in game due to its crafting capabilities, Sulfuric acid.

Acid is required to craft primers, repair the electric car and trade at the Tyumen survivor camp for the most precious fuel (gasoline and diesel) plus its low weight has made acid the unofficial currency for player-to-player trading.

Besides trading in acid for goods, its not uncommon for players to engage in traditional item trading, exchanging whatever items they have for whatever item they might need ignoring the "acid value" of the object.


Another unofficial trait of online mode is the "Job system". This is usually done by the employer supplying necessary materials to the employee to perform a (usually monotonous or laborious) task, such as chopping wood, forging nails, burning charcoal. The employee then sends back the accumulated materials and is paid by the employer for their time.

The employer may not have the patience or time to perform the assigned task themselves, especially if they require large volumes of materials (such as charcoal) for more advanced crafting. In addition to getting paid (often in acid), the employee often uses the jobs to gain experience to level up.

Leveling up long and slow process, and if you can get paid for it, all the better. The payment for the job is negotiated beforehand between the parties, sometimes with partial payment in advance as insurance or to provide the necessary equipment.

Available jobs and prices can change frequently, especially with game updates which alter the survivor experience and crafting, so for up to date information it is often best to ask in your local chat.


Some item names might be shortened or abbreviated.

Acid glands

  • ag or glands

Activated charcoal

  • ac


  • alpha

Aqua vitae

  • av or aqua

Bone glue

  • bg or glue


  • Chlor

Colloidal sulfur

  • cs


  • gh

Handmade Rocket

  • HMR or Rocket

Handmade Rocket Launcher

  • HMRL or Rocket launcher

Potassium nitrate

  • pn


  • rp

Sulfuric acid

  • @, A , a or simply Acid

Tanned leather

  • Tan leather or leather

Tanning mixture

  • Tan mix

White man's foot

  • wmf or white man's