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Information on this page is accurate for version v.694 and can differ from the current info in v.710.


Tough Meat is basically a piece of uncooked meat. It is the easiest and simplest type of food source that offers moderate nutritional value to players. However, eating it raw can cause players to suffer from Parasitic Worm infection so it is always recommended to fry it on Fire before eating.

Having Raw Diet Perk ability would be useful for players if they wish to eat the meat as it is. Tough Meat only lasts for 24 hours and needs to be eaten or cooked as soon as possible.


Tough Meat is not very hard to acquire as players must only need hunt animals given that they are well-equipped with gears and weapons beforehand. Below are details inregards to the type of animals and the amount of Tough Meat for each of them yields:

Type of Animals Carcass Amount of Tough Meat
Lynx Lynx corpse.png 3 - 5 pieces
Wolf Wolf corpse-0.png 5 - 7 pieces
Bandit Dog Dog corpse.png 5 - 10 pieces
Note: The amount of meat shown above can be further increased by the Butcher Perk ability.


CookCook Fry (Click to Expand)

Required Result
Tough Meat x1 Tough Meat.png Fried Tough Meat.png

Fried Tough Meat x1

Fire Fireplace.png

EatEat Eat


Tough Meat is a cooking ingredient that can be used to add to a variety of food recipes ingame. Some of these recipes have positive effects to players, making this ingredient one of the most important things to have.

Schematics Menu


Food Recipe Amount of Meat
link={{{2}}} Salted Meat 1
link={{{2}}} Stew Meat 2
Cooking Menu
Image Food Recipe Amount of Meat
link={{{2}}} Meat Rissole 1
link={{{2}}} Mushroom Soup 1
link={{{2}}} Shawarma 1
link={{{2}}} Cabbage Roll 1
link={{{2}}} Shchi 1
link={{{2}}} Pie 1
link={{{2}}} Pilaf 1
link={{{2}}} Shashlik 1

Drying Rack

link={{{2}}} Dried Meat 10

Storage Time

No shelter




Wooden House

Brick House

Moroz´s Terem

No shelter.png
0% 150% 200% 300% 500% 1000% 10,000%
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 6 Days 11 Days 3 Months


  • Raw Meat was used to be the mainstream food part from carcasses in previous versions. It was until the coming of version 671 that raw meat was replaced with a variety of meat types such as Tough Meat, Fatty Meat, Snake Meat, Rat Meat and Mutant Meat.
  • Tough Meat is very much the same as the Fatty Meat when used in cooking. However, fatty meat can only be obtained from large animal carcasses.
  • Tough Meat can be used as a food source for pet Wolf and Raven.
  • Tough Meat can be used as a Bait when fishing. In addition, once the meat spoils, it will turn into Rotten Meat which can also be used for fishing.

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