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Steelmaking Furnace are one of the structures that are essential in late games particularly when completing the Moving Town Quest to obtain BelAZ. Its main purpose is to smelt Scrap into Steel. However, constructing one is hard as the materials needed are not easy to obtain. When all building materials are gathered, it is recommended to build the furnace in your home base.


Steelmaking Furnace's schematics is available once survivors reach level 87. Its crafting recipe could then be unlocked in-exchange for 5 Research Points.

ForgeForge Constructing

Required Tools Result
Fire Brick x10,000 Firebrick.png Workbench


Building (Steelmaking Furnace) x1

Mark blast furnace.png

Brick x20,000 Brick.png
Cement x50 Cement-0.png
Scrap x50,000 Scrap metal.png
Firewood x1,000 Wood.png
Iron Pipe x500 Water pipe.png
Glue or Insulating Tape x1,000 Glue tape.png
Nail x1,000 Nail.png
Auto Spare Parts x100 Gears.png
Car Battery x100 Accumulator.png

Required Result
Tool Kit Tools.png +2% Build
Shovel Shovel.png
Axe Axe.png
Welder Welder.png
Generator (Fuelled Up) Generator.png
Bellows Bellows.png
Forge Chimney (Lit Up) Forge chimney on.png

Required Result
Steelmaking Furnace Blast furnace.png Fire Brick x5,000 Firebrick.png
Brick x10,000 Brick.png
Scrap x25,000 Scrap metal.png
Tool Kit Tools.png Iron Pipe x250 Water pipe.png
Firewood x500 Wood.png
Crowbar Crowbar.png Nail x500 Nail.png
Wire x250 Wire.png

Note: When building the furnace with Welder and Generator, it is recommended to keep the generator's use down to 10%. By doing this, survivors can maximise their use and save more resources compared when assembling new Generator.


Once the steelmaking furnace is built, survivors can finally start smelting Scraps into Steel. The smelting process will be finished within 3 days. The amount of Steel gathered can be further improved if survivors have the Steelmaker Perk ability.

CookCook Smelting

Required Result
Steelmaking Furnace Blast furnace.png Steelmaking Furnace (smelting in progress)

Smelting (Progress).png

Scrap x1,000 Scrap metal.png
Coal x1,000 Coal.png
Gasoline x25,000 Gas.png

Required Result
Steelmaking Furnace (Done)

Smelting (Done).png

Steel x250-500 Steel.png
Steelmaking Furnace Blast furnace.png


Steelmaking Furnace is very expensive to build and will require careful planning and preparation inorder to construct. To be successful, a simple guide might be of help to survivors especially if played in offline mode.

  • When constructing the furnace, it is recommended to build it in home base.
  • When hauling huge amount of materials such as Bricks, Firebricks and Scrap, it is recommended to load the vehicle up to 99% to save fuel and repair cost. Always check the condition of the vehicle and check the Weather condition as well. The best inland vehicle assembled can carry a maximum weight of 39 tons and that is KrAZ-255.
  • Bricks - Gathering Bricks is very easy as it can always be found in Ruins and dilapidated structures in cities. A single Brick weighs 2 kilograms and with 20k needed, its overall weight is 40 tons. If survivor does not like looting, they can trade 2,000 Flour in-exchange for 20k Bricks at Chelyabinsk Survivor Camp.
  • Firebricks - Gathering Firebricks might be the hardest part when constructing the furnace. Firebricks can be obtained by disassembling Forge Chimneys in Military Bandit Bases. It can also be found in Ruins that has broken Brick Oven inside it. Not all cities have these special buildings and it will mostly depend on the players luck to encounter one. A single Firebrick weighs 2.5 kilograms and with 10k needed, its overall weight is 25 tons. If survivor does not like looting, they can trade 2,000 Cloth in-exchange for 10k Firebrick at Kiev Survivor Camp.
  • Scraps - Scraps is very easy to obtain as nearly all cities in the map has broken vehicles for disassembling. A piece of Scrap weighs 100 grams and with 50k needed, its overall weight is 5 tons. It is also a trade item in Magnitogorsk Survivor Camp, buying 1 Chitin for 100 Scraps. 500 Chitin is needed to obtain 50k Scraps.
  • Car Battery - It is recommended to hunt mutant bees in Ufa as they yield materials that is needed when constructing the furnace. These mutant bees yields Acid Gland which is used to synthesize Sulfuric Acid. The Sulfuric Acid could then be used to craft Car Battery. A total of 150 Sulfuric Acid is needed to craft 10 Car Batteries. Aside from Acid Gland, they also yield Chitin which is used to trade to Scraps at the aforementioned survivor camp.
  • Cement - Cement weighs 25 kilogram and with 50 needed, its overall weight is 1,250 kilograms. Cement can be found in Construction Sites and the search amount is usually scarce. However, survivors can get them from Chelyabinsk Survivor Camp, exchanging 1 Plastic Explosives for 1 Cement.


  • Steelmaking Furnace is by far the most expensive building that can be constructed in-game.

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