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General tasks

  • Add stubs (poor content) to the stub articles category with the {{Stub}} template, and complete them.
  • Add in links to items or to other things.
  • Make sure all information on each page is up to date. If something is found to be out of date, feel free to update it yourself, or mention it as a comment on that page.

Update tasks

Update tasks need a review every new game update. The list is a reminder and shouldn't change.

  • Find a way to get the game updates logs, and update the article.
  • Update items if necessary.
  • Add new items from the last update. Remember to add categories.
  • Propose duplicates and unnecessary pages for deletion with {{delete}}
  • Add stubs to the stub articles category with the {{Stub}} template, and complete them
  • Add or modify the {{Version}} template on all pages, showing that they are up to date.

Ongoing tasks

  • Check inventory descriptions for every item and the good use of use the template {{gamequote}}
  • Add version info for current version if items/features are still in the game, if they are removed, add version info for the version they were removed in, using the :{{Version}} template.


  • List good quality articles
  • Update Traumas/Diseases page / Cerebral Concussion - Trauma need details / Use of Russian version of the website may help
  • Update Natural disasters page with relevant information
  • Update {{location}} visual
  • Update quests with {{Diary}} content
  • Enhance survivor camps articles visual
  • Enhance large locations articles (hospital, military base, ...) with interactive image
  • Add a "translation" template to list possible translation for an item, a quest, ... visible at the bottom of the page (example : Electrodes).


  • Fix the Table bug in the Food Catagory
  • add in the weapons category what kind of ammo the weapons uses like crossbow uses bolts plus add in how to make them
  • There are changes that have been made in the most recent update, I can make a video of these changes on my Twitter account @Millwork1075 if needed
  • Searching of truth Quest and other quest : create a template to nicely present the lone survivor diary.
  • Need details for Kalashnikov machine gun
  • Moving City quest suggestions needs updates lists trade for things that no longer possible old content
  • Forging Skill page need Experience required for level 6
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