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" I have a insomnia, and it's getting worse. "

Details Edit

Somnambulism is a disease and injury which increases your Energy per hour but decreases your Health per hour as well. This is typically a bad effect. However, during late or end game, it is a very welcomed effect as it can be paired with either Shchi or Metocaine to allow the player to remain awake for long periods of time without eating or sleeping for crafting large amount of items.

Causes Edit

  • There is a 10% chance of getting somnambulism when using Lidiacide-34 or Metocaine. It lasts for 28 days.

Effects Edit

Effects per hour:

Uses Edit

  • During crafting, using bryocarm with somnambulism will let the player stay awake without losing health for 48 hours. It is useful for crafting large quantities without the need for sleeping and eating. The health debuff from somnambulism will be offset by the healing effects of bryocarm.
  • Shchi can be used together with somnambulism to craft as well. Your Health will decrease by only a little bit (5-10hp) after two days. But you can easily heal it with a Healing Salve. It is a cheaper option for some.


The disease will heal on its own after 28 days from contracting it. It can be cured without using medication as long as the player gets enough sleep to regenerate lost health.

  • 1 painkiller every 7 days hides all the negative effects until treatment is necessary again. Application of painkillers reduces the duration of the disease by 5%.
  • Hot tea with honey every 7 days hides all the negative effects until treatment is necessary again. This treatment reduces the player's energy by 100 points, instantly knocking him out.

Notes Edit

Treatment must be applied in the health menu. Otherwise it will have no effect on the player‘s current sickness.

Trivia Edit

  • Somnambulism used to lower fatigue levels and raise poisoning. These status indicators are no longer present in the game.
  • Somnambulism replaced lunar disease.
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