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" I fell sleepy and tired. Something is wrong with me... "

" I've been feeling drowsy more and more often during daytime lately. Don't think it's a simple case of fatigue. "


Infection risk when abusing Lidiacide-34, metocainevodka, or violet mushroom, and when staying awake for a long time when fatigue is high (e.g. micro-napping).


Daily impact (slowly increasing)

  • Fatigue : + 1%


  • 21 days


v1.595: It block negative effect after heal, but give few days.


  • Try to survive for as long as possible without healing, then and use Lidiacid-34 to finish disease.
  • Making pasta forcemeat in advance and sleeping with fire, sleeping bag, and shelter helps to heal as long as movements remain minimal.
  • The best way to avoid this is to sleep regularly and to avoid micro naps when fatigue is high.
  • Avoid eating white mushrooms. You may go blind and fall asleep instantly.
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