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With version 638, the shop was reworked, item prices were lowed but so did the value of the caps, and a new loot box mechanic was added.

  • Fuel quantities were drastically reduced.
  • It's no longer possible to buy a specific component from the shop, they must be obtained via loot boxes.
  • The armor and vehicle depends on what level you are currently at. It will be the next you can unlock or the steel armor or the KrAZ-255 if you are maxed out
  • WARNING: There is no confirmation message. Tapping on an item icon (not lootbox) automatically purchases the item.

Tabs[edit | edit source]

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Item[edit | edit source]

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Price[edit | edit source]

First Aid Kit Healing Salve x2, IR-190 x2, Lidiacide-34 x2, Bryocarm, Chlorcystamine, Metocaine 250 link={{{2}}}
Vehicle Next vehicle to be unlocked ~

GAZ-24: 2k link={{{2}}}


KrAZ-255: 7k link={{{2}}}

Simple Component Box 100% to receive 1

100% to receive 1

50% to receive 1

100 link={{{2}}}
Rare Component Box 100% to receive 1

100% to receive 1


200 link={{{2}}}
Tool Box 100% 250 link={{{2}}}
Batteries Battery x4 100 link={{{2}}}
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