Information on this page is accurate for version v.667 and can differ from the current info in v.670.

Details Edit

The SVT-40 is the second sniper rifle the player can obtain. It has better damage and range than the Mosin Nagant, and also uses the same ammo type.

Cannot be assembled from a Broken SVT-40

Obtaining Edit

Looting Edit

Actions Edit


IconBackgroundPickupPick up

IconBackgroundCraft Repair (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
Results :
  • Durability (+20%)
IconBackgroundDestroy Disassemble (click to expand/collapse)
Results :
  • +2 Rifle parts

Real-Life Edit

The SVT-40 (Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva, Obrazets 1940 goda, "Tokarev self-loading rifle, model of 1940", Russian: Самозарядная винтовка Токарева, образец 1940 года, often nicknamed "Sveta") is a Soviet semi-automatic battle rifle. The SVT-40 saw widespread service during and after World War II. It was intended to be the Soviet Red Army's new service rifle, but its production was disrupted by the German invasion in 1941, resulting in a change back to the Mosin–Nagant rifle for the duration of World War II. After the war, the Soviet Union adopted new rifles, such as the SKS and the AK-47.

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