Rodkin is a NPC, located in Petropavlovsk.

Background Edit

Rodkin used to be a factory worker in Petropavlosk with an engineering degree. Two weeks after the epidemic hit, he visited his parents to find his mother very ill. She told him, his father was brought to the hospital a day before he visited. Rodkin had to bring his mother to the hospital too, but she only received a bit of medicine and died the same night. The next day his father died too. He then helped run the town by burying the dead and chase off bandits. Refugees later told him about the bombs that struck Russia, explaining the destruction. He also mentions he had a car, but it was stolen during the panic.

In-Game Edit

He is an important part of the later stages of the game, as he will help you repair the most advanced combat vehicles.

  • All missions in Petropavlovsk have to be completed in order to recruit the engineer.
  • You need him for some missions and also to assemble special vehicles

Once you recruit him, you can talk to him or use his repairing skills through the Quest items part of your inventory. Here are his skills:


The engineer is required for the following recipes :

  • Assembling the "Metis Anti-Tank Launcher".
  • Assembling the Mi-8 Helicopter.
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