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The raven is the third pet released for DayR and the first to be obtained only by premium players. While weak at the start and easily knocked out, the raven makes up for its agility and tactical abilities on the battlefield as it grows up making it a valuable ally to take into combat.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The pet raven was introduced in v650 and can only be obtained by premium players, it will be in their inventory when starting a new game or if the player was already playing by v650 then it will be automatically added to their inventory regardless of player level or progress in the story.

Taking care of your Raven[edit | edit source]

Leveling[edit | edit source]

The Raven levels up almost the same way as the main character does, by gaining experience, the only difference is that as with other pets, the experience will be obtained from participating in combat or by searching for items on the wasteland. Doing Quests, reading dusty books or auto battling does not add experience to the pet.

In order to mature, increase its health, attack output, and gain new abilities the player must level the raven from a chick to a fully grown raven.

The raven will start on level 1 upon release from the cage up to level 100 just as the player.

Healing[edit | edit source]

The pet won´t die if his health reaches 0 on combat but it will be knocked out and receive the status "Near-death", during this time your raven won´t be able to participate in combat or send out to search for items.

Healing will naturally occur over time but takes too long and the pet needs to be fed in order to heal, for a quicker process view your pet menu, select the raven and select the Heal button, the required items will pop up to treat your pet wounds.

Resting on a bunkhouse on any survivor camp will also heal your pets.

Feeding[edit | edit source]

The raven just like yourself needs to feed in order to stay strong for battle, by default the raven comes with a menu of food items it can eat to satiate himself.

But can also feed on:[edit | edit source]

Be sure to feed the raven regularly to have it combat able and in good health for searching the wasteland

Abilities and commands[edit | edit source]

As the raven grows it will become stronger and learn new abilities and commands and just like the player he will be granted with perks unique to him.

Commands[edit | edit source]

The raven has a total of three commands and are only used outside of battle. All of them are search commands each one of them unlocking at level 10,40 and 70, The raven might return with an object depending on the search purpose of the mission or may come empty-handed (figuratively speaking) be aware that when searching there is a possibility of getting injured. During the time he is out on the wasteland don't expect it to be available during combat, nor will it be to able feed or heal until he returns.

Objects found are random, he can bring back a piece of coal or a stun grenade.

Name Level Time taken Effect Experience

(for Raven)

Search for component 10 12 hours Send pet off, returns with a crafting component +5
Search for food 40 12 hours Send pet off, it returns with some food +5
Search for medicine 70 12 hours Send pet off, it returns with some medicine. +10

Perks[edit | edit source]

Similar to player perks, it gives the raven advantages and new attacks on and only in the fighting terrain.

Name Level Effect
Fly 1 Obstacles do not interfere with your (raven's) movement in battle.
Extra move 1 Gains one extra move action each turn.
Attack 1 Basic claw attack. Does 3-5 damage at level 1. (need info for max level)
Movement range 20 Can move one more space in combat each time it moves.
Diversion 30 Action: your opponent is distracted by the raven and does nothing their next turn. (also does small damage)
Dodge chance 50 Raven gets +25% chance to dodge attacks.
Blindness 60 Action: your raven blinds an opponent and decreases their hit chance by 90%.

Health and Attack Damage[edit | edit source]

Level Health Points


Attack Damage Distraction


Evasion (%) Speed Skills gained
1 11 hp 3-6 >< >< 50% 3 Fly (passive)
10 19 hp 7-12 >< >< 50% 3 Component


20 28 hp ? >< >< 50% 4 movement range+1 (passive)
30 37 hp 16-26 5-11 >< 50% 4 Distraction (active)
40 46 hp 20-33 7-13 >< 50% 4 Food search (active)
50 55 hp 24-40 8-16 >< 75% 4 Evasion rate+25% (passive)
60 64 hp 28-47 9-19 9-28 75% 4 Blindness (active)
70 73 hp 32-54 11-22 11-32 75% 4 Drug search (active)
80 82 hp 37-61 12-24 12-37 75% 4 ><
90 91 hp 41-68 14-27 14-41 75% 4 ><
100 100 hp 45-75 15-30 15-45 75% 4 Max level

Gallery[edit | edit source]

(Needs armor plus raven combo pictures)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As of the v654 update, the Raven can no longer trigger landmines by walking over them.
  • Blindness inflicted by the raven suggest the pet will rip the eyes of enemies, oddly enough it only last for 3 turns
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