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Information on this page is accurate for version v.679 and can differ from the current info in v.709.


Rat Meat is the most simplest and easiest type of meat ingame. It is recommended to cook it on Fire before consuming to eliminate risk of contracting Parasitic Worm infections.

It might not be the most desired type of meat in the wasteland but when nothing else is available, the survival instinct must ignore the food origin.


Rat Meat is basically obtained from the Rat itself. Rat lives in all types of biomes and could be easily hunted. It is required to butcher the Rat first to gather this food ingredient. The amount of Rat Meat obtained can be further improved if the player has the Butcher Perk.

ChopChop Butcher

Required Result
Rat Carcass Dead rat.png Rat Meat x1 - 2 Rat meat.png
Fresh Bones x0- 1 Bone.png
Knife Knife.png Rawhide x1 Animal skin-0.png


EatEat Eat

CookCook Fry

Required Result
Rat Meat x1 Rat meat.png Fried Rat Meat x1 Fried Rat Skewers.png
Fire Fireplace.png


Rat Meat works very much like the Tough Meat where it can be used as an ingredient when cooking recipes in game. However, Tailed Rissole will be the substitute for Meat Rissole since were using Rat Meat. Below are the complete food recipes known that requires this food ingredient.

Schematics Menu
Image Food Recipe Amount of Meat
link={{{2}}} Salted Meat 1
link={{{2}}} Stew Meat 2
Cooking Menu
Image Food Recipe Amount of Meat
link={{{2}}} Tailed Rissole 1
link={{{2}}} Mushroom Soup 1
link={{{2}}} Shawarma 1
link={{{2}}} Cabbage Roll 1
link={{{2}}} Shchi 1
link={{{2}}} Pie 1
link={{{2}}} Pilaf 1
link={{{2}}} Shashlik 1
Drying Rack
link={{{2}}} Dried Meat 10

Storage Time

No shelter




Wooden House

Brick House

Moroz´s Terem

No shelter.png
0% 150% 200% 300% 500% 1000% 10,000%
1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 6 Days 11 Days 3 Months


  • Rat Meat appears for the first time on version update 671.
  • Rat Meat can be used as a food source for pet Raven and Wolf.
  • Rat Meat can also be used as a Bait. Once spoiled, it can become Rotten Meat which is also another source of bait for fishing.

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