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Random encounters can happen anywhere. Most of them have positive outcomes, but there is a possibility that the narrator might get injured or killed for even trying to be a good person.

Most of the rewards will be maps to a hidden cache with basic loot, like food or resources.

Event variations

Blood Trail - Wolves (City - Intact House)

This usually happens when exploring intact houses. The narrator spots a blood trail and following it may result in an encounter with two radioactive wolves chewing up a survivor who cannot be helped. The narrator can either kill the wolves or escape them in order to save ammo.

Wolfdog (Intact House, Wasteland)

The narrator comes across a puppy that is being attacked by rats. If he wins the battle, he gets a wolfdog pet.

Brick (City)

“As I was walking through the deserted city streets, the wall of a lopsided brick building collapsed. I was unlucky enough to be close by, and a brick fell right on my head.”

A brick fell on the narrator's head. He loses 5 health and receives a concussion. There are 2 options:

- Take the brick (gain 1 brick)

- Search for the cause: fight some rats (potential loot: axe, rusted crowbar, rusted shovel)

Warehouse Looters (City - Warehouse)

Occurs randomly when searching in a warehouse. 3 options to choose from:

- Greet the looters with a fight (1v3 fight)

- Climb out and hide behind a box; after this the narrator can put the box over a looter and start a 1v2 fight or stay hidden (needs testing)

- Escape through the side door (needs testing)

Blood Trail - Injured survivor (City - Intact house)

On the doorstep, I noticed a bloody footprint leading inside the house. I don’t know what is waiting for me in there.”

The start message is similar to the wolves encounter. The narrator will encounter a wounded survivor who is unconscious. The narrator can either help him or put an end to his misery. Helping and waiting for him to wake up usually results in him giving the narrator a map to a hidden loot cache in a random location nearby.

Looter (City)

“Before I could go inside, I was met by an armed man. The stranger said he found this place first and I should go and find my own.”

While the narrator is venturing around in the city, he might meet a looter. He will threaten the narrator, claiming that the area and the supplies belong to him as he was there first. The narrator has 3 options: threaten him; start battle: and quit.

The first option will cause him to take a glance at the narrator gear and if he is stronger than him, he will simply leave. Then the narrator can search the place.

With the second option, the narrator should earn 30 experience points, if the battle is won (to be split with any participating pets). The body can then be looted and the location searched. This is the best option.

Injured Bandit (City)

"I came across a bandit in an apartment building. He was on the floor, leaning against a wall and attempting to bandage his many wounds. When he saw me, he raised his pistol and threatened me in a faint breathless voice."

  1. Shoot him
  2. Take cover behind the wall
  3. Offer to help

The narrator will find an injured bandit attempting to patch up his wounds. He will spot the narrator and point a gun towards him. The narrator can either shoot him, take cover or offer help (which requires the narrator to have 1 alcohol, 1 painkiller and 10 bandages). It is possible that the bandit will attack while the narrator is helping him, but if he does not, he will give the narrator a map to a hidden cache. The cache is hidden in a sewage system, for which the narrator will need to makeshift tools (-50 energy) or a crowbar (-50 energy) to access. You could then choose for the narrator to go down in the dark or light up the place. If you choose to have the narrator light the way, he will notice a trap, which the narrator could either disarm to get the grenade or go around it. He would then receive the loot. This encounter usually happens in areas with stronger enemies.

(Note that option 3 might not be available, in which case a fight is inevitable and there would be no map...)

If option 3 is available and selected, the following dialogue will pop up:

"When I said I only wanted to help, he eyed me distrustfully, but after I slowly took out my medical supplies, and showed them to him, he put down his pistol and allowed me to come closer."

New options are:

1. Help him

2. Knock the pistol out of his hands and shoot

3. Knock the pistol out of his hands and hit him with the axe

Option 3 will provide the following dialogue:

"I gave him painkillers, treated his wounds, and helped him bandage them. The bandit was surprised and drew me a map to one of his stashes, as a token of his gratitude."

Experience obtained 50. Cost: 1 painkiller, 1 alcohol, 10 bandages.

Abandoned Camp (Forest, mountains)

Rarely found. Belonged a survivor who would have left their camp. If the narrator finds an abandoned camp, then he should consider himself lucky. It is usually found in a forest and some occasion on mountains.

Rotting human remains (Radioactive Wasteland)

Same as abandoned camp. Has a small bit of loot.

Withered body (Mountains)

Same as abandoned camp.

Survivor Dugout (Forest)

"I came across a dugout shelter in the woods. The coals in the firepit were warm, so someone must live here and can't be very far away. I don't hear any noise inside."

Extremely rare to find. If the narrator find a survivor's dugout, you can choose:

  1. The narrator lies low and waits (survivor comes, has 3 choices)
    1. The narrator just passes through (quit)
    2. The narrator invites to talk (requires 1 vodka), allows him to trade:
      1. 10 salt for 1 detox potion (very good if the narrator needs insulating tape, he can trade 1 detox potion for 3 insulating tape at the Sverdlovsk trader)
      2. 2 cigarettes for 1 potato (good if the narrator needs potatoes for shchi, or if he wants to farm potatoes to make moonshine for alcohol)
      3. 5 rifle ammo for 1 tanned leather
    3. Battle (battle survivor, get house loot and ground loot, quit)
  2. Go inside
    1. Search (battle survivor, get house loot and ground loot, quit)
    2. Quit
  3. Search everywhere (get ground loot, continue with option 2 or 5 next)
  4. Set up a tripwire grenade (requires 1 F-1 grenade, kills survivor, get house loot and ground loot, fight 5 wolves, quit)
  5. Quit

House loot (stuff inside his house):

  • Axe
  • Tools
  • Clean water
  • Detoxifying potion
  • Healing salve
  • Rifle ammo
  • Potato
  • Dried meat
  • Cigarettes
  • Stew meat

Ground loot (stuff outside his house):

  • Chanterelle
  • Cranberry
  • Rawhide
  • Coal

The survivor uses a ghillie suit, Mosin-Nagant and has free attack and counterattack. He has 100 HP and 300 armor, and gives 25 XP.

Bandit camp (Forest)

"From behind the trees, you can hear the crackle of a fire and two people talking."

The narrator encounters a bandit camp in a forest. There are a number of options to choose from:

- The narrator starts a battle

- The narrator walks up to them. He will receive a rib injury and a fight will start.

- The narrator puts on some camouflage and sneaks into the camp (ghillie suit required). 3 options are then made available:

- The narrator sneaks in left, center or right tent. If the narrator sneak in the "top option" he will start a battle with 3 bandits.

- The narrator sneaks in the “center option” and gets him some loot.

- The narrator sneaks in the "bottom option" and he will be in a tent with a sleeping bandit. He can then choose to search or slit his throat. Slit his throat will result in some loot and a body to search for more loot (corpse holding a PPSh-41, some TT ammo and other normal bandit corpse loot).


This is second same encounter;

- The narrator gets closer and gets injuries

> The narrator will start a battle

- The bandit starts battle (The narrator is forced to start a fight)

- Quit (End encounter)

Beehive (Forest, Radioactive Forest)

The narrator comes across a beehive, which he can loot to get 1-2 jars full of honey.

Strange mushroom (Radioactive Forest, Radioactive Swamp)

Rare encounter that gives the protagonist a random strange mushroom.

Looter camp (Wasteland)

The narrator could encounter this band of people on the road or in the wasteland. There a few options here:

- The narrator starts a battle: immediately start a 1v5 fight as the looter consist of a single steel axe bandit, Mosin Nagant and the saw-off Mosin Nagant bandit and one PPSH-41 and one TT-33 bandit (do not attempt this unless the narrator has decent weaponry and armor)

- The narrator talks to them: he shares information, nothing happens that benefits him

- The narrator shares 10 cigarettes: He get some cigarettes.

- The narrator sneaks up and eavesdrops: (ghillie suit required) He will receive a location for a supply cache nearby.

Abandoned Garden (Wasteland)

The narrator may come across an abandoned cornfield (with 9 corn plants), an abandoned potato field (9 potato plants), or an abandoned vegetable garden (9 vegetable plants).

Lost Fishing Rod (Coast)

While searching the coast the narrator may find a sturdy fishing rod.

Boat Wreck (Coast)

It will contain a few basic loot.

A Clear Stream (Mountains)

The narrator can collect 8-15 to 20 bottles of clean water.

Looted Pharmacy

"The pharmacy has been completely ransacked and on the floor in the midst of all the chaos was a person lying motionless with a few empty syringes next to him. It looks like this place was already cleaned out."

The narrator decides to search the body:

"When I reached out to touch the person, he opened his eyes and bit my hand! Then he leapt to his feet and pulled out a knife."

He will receive blood poisoning and start a fight.

The bandit has 150 health, 150 armor, uses a knife (22-50) which has armor penetration, counterattack as well as free attack.

After the battle the narrator can search the pharmacy or shoot the body.