Inside the hive, lives the queen of the bees whose work is to give birth to the giant bees flying around Ufa.

The queen bee herself cannot move nor fly due to her huge size but her large amount of armor and health in addition to her ability to summon bees every turn makes her a formidable opponent.


The Queen Bee is located in the center of the hive, which is in the middle of Ufa.

Hive reset

At the beginning of the game the hive contains large quantities of honey, and each area is protected by three Queen's guards and patrols. It is possible to kill the first guard and to loot all the honey. The hive areas will turn grey when depleted.

The hive will reset after 28 days (or 4 lit Brick Ovens for an easy count of time). To see whether the hive has reset, simply zoom out far enough so that the wallpaper of Ufa can be seen, then zoom in again to force the town to reload.


This is one of the hardest battles in the game, the others being scamps and event bosses. The easiest way to beat this fight is to just spam HMR (homemade rocket launcher) and gunpowder grenades, but this only works if you have the Perk that lets you use 1 less AP for grenades. After that, RPK-74, scrolls, and SVD are probably the best options, as well as at least chitin armor, and (if possible), a boost.

The queen battle starts with five enemies: one queen bee, two bee soldiers, and two bee guards. There are two "holes" on the sides of the battle map; these are where the queen bee spawns new bees. The only way to destroy them (and prevent them from spawning more bees) is with an HMR or RPG (waiting them out is also an option, as no more than 11 bees will spawn from them).


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