" Detonates cartridge on impact. "

Statistics Edit

  • Principal Material for the bullets and handmade rockets.

Recipe Edit

Required Skill:




  • Disassemble Bullets
  • Disassemble Mounting Cartridge also called blank
  • Kill bandits who use Firearms
  • Recipe


  • This is an important ingredient for ammo.
  • Hard to obtain in early game stage
  • In later game stage you will probably have many Makarov/AK-bullets that can be disassembled to get a Primer(and use it for other things, such as rockets), so the Primer isn't actually that important - the bullet cases are! You can also find Mounting cartridges in Construction sites, which are common, whereas bullets are much harder to find (and you can't find empty cases of bullets, as far as I've seen - you only get them when using a weapon)
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