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Poison are one of the component materials ingame that is mainly used to synthesize medicines. They are hard to monopolize as they are only obtainable from very specific type of animals and the yield is very small. Nevertheless, it is still one of the valuable materials particularly in online mode where its demand is always high.


There are only 3 species of animals that yield Poison. They are easy to encounter however to maximize efficiency, players can use their Pet Wolf's ability Track to instantly hunt them down. Listed below are the species of animals which contains the material poison.

Type of Animals Carcass Amount of Poison
Snake Snake corpse.png 0 - 1 piece
Giant Centipede Centipede corpse.png 1 piece
Giant Scorpion Scorpion corpse.png 3 - 5 piece
Note: The amount of poison obtained can be further improved with the Butcher Perk ability.


Poison is an important ingredient when crafting medicines. Painkiller and Healing Salve in particular were the most frequently used medicines as they help players and pets survive long journeys throughout the wasteland. Listed below are products and items that can be applied using the material poison.

Image Items Required Poison
Medicines Tratodonide.png IR-190 1 piece
Lidiacide-34.png Lidiacide-34 3 piece
Tidocycline.png Painkiller 1 piece
Healing salve.png Healing Salve 1 piece
Weapon Crossbow p ammo.png Crossbow Bolt (Poison) 1 piece

In addition, Poison can also be applied to Crossbow Bolts to make Poisoned Darts. Players must have the Poisoner Perk ability to perform this act.


Poison can be used as a trade item in Tver Survivor Camp.

Survivor Camp Buys Sells
Tver Base Camp Poison x1 Poison-1.png Potato x2 Potato.png

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