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Pepsi is a type of beverage that offers good hydration properties when consumed. It provides good amount of water to players as well as an increase in energy level making it a good substitute for Water.


Pepsi can be looted in particular buildings inside towns and cities however the success rate is random and depends heavily on players luck.

Buildings Images
Restaurants Restaurant-0.png
Cafe Cafe.png
Grocery Store Grocerystore.png

Another way to obtain Pepsi is by doing trades. Krasnoyarsk Survivor Camp offers to trade a bottle of Pepsi for only a piece of Smoked Fatback Smoked salo.png.


WaterWater Drink


  • After drinking a Pepsi, players will be awarded with 1 Cap which can be used to purchase items in the game store. This feature was removed when version 656 came.
  • Pepsi seems to be the only Western product found on Soviet Union.

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