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Assault rifle


A Soviet machine gun chambered for the 7.62x54 mm cartridge. While less powerful than the GShG-7.62 and lacking its armor piercing capabilities, the PKM can obtained either from bandits or by looting military bases unlike the GShG-7.62.

It cannot be assembled from a broken PKM




  • Can be bought at the shop for 2000 caps

Perk upgrades

The PKM can be further enhanced by using either direct or indirect perks.

  • Direct perks affect the weapon category.
  • Indirect perks affect the survivor.

Saving on weapons cost (Indirect perk)

Saving on weapons cost increases the durability of the weapon.

Durability table
Base durability Saving on weapons cost
Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5
Change Change Change Change Change Change

Machine gun expert (Direct perk)

Increases the damage output from the weapon category.

Damage table

(MG expert + Hunter + Shawarma)

Base Machine gun expert
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Base 320-400 336-420 352-440 368-460 384-480 400-500
Shawarma400-500 Shawarma420-525 Shawarma440-550 Shawarma460-575 Shawarma480-600 Shawarma500-625


352-440 370-462 387-484 405-506 422-528 440-550
Shawarma432-540 Shawarma454-567 Shawarma475-594 Shawarma497-621 Shawarma518-648 Shawarma540-675


384-480 403-504 422-528 442-552 461-576 480-600
Shawarma464-580 Shawarma487-609 Shawarma510-638 Shawarma534-667 Shawarma557-696 Shawarma580-725


416-520 437-546 458-572 478-598 499-624 520-650
Shawarma496-620 Shawarma521-651 Shawarma546-682 Shawarma570-713 Shawarma595-744 Shawarma620-775

Hail of lead (Direct perk)

Total damage can be further increased by using the Hail of lead perk at the cost of double the ammo consumption. AP cost of using the weapon will remain the same

Damage table

(MG expert + Hail of lead + Hunter + Shawarma)

Hail of lead Machine gun expert
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Base 480-600 496-620 512-640 528-660 544-680 560-700
Shawarma600-750 Shawarma620-775 Shawarma640-800 Shawarma660-825 Shawarma680-850 Shawarma700-875


528-660 546-682 563-704 581-726 598-748 616-770
Shawarma648-810 Shawarma670-837 Shawarma691-864 Shawarma713-891 Shawarma734-918 Shawarma756-945


576-720 595-744 614-768 634-792 653-816 672-840
Shawarma696-870 Shawarma719-899 Shawarma742-928 Shawarma766-957 Shawarma789-986 Shawarma812-1015


624-780 645-806 666-832 686-858 707-884 728-910
Shawarma744-930 Shawarma769-961 Shawarma794-992 Shawarma818-1023 Shawarma843-1054 Shawarma868-1085

The Shawarma icon indicates the damage dealt by using the shawarma effect against animals. +25% damage.

Hunter perks stand for any of the following perks:

  • Headhunter (+ Damage for people)
  • Monster hunter (+ Damage for Mutants)
  • Hunter (+ Damage for animals)

Maximum damage can only be achieved by combining Hail of lead, Machinegun expert, (Animal) Hunter level 3 and shawarma, for People and mutant enemies maximum damage does not include shawarma effect.


The PKM is used by a machine gunner level 3 type bandit. This type of bandit is not found roaming the wasteland, but guarding wasteland bandit forts.

Machine gunner lvl 3
Level 3
Health 100
Armor 1000
Movement Range 2
Weapon PKM
Armor piercing No
Easy mode 256-320
Normal / Online mode 256-320
Hard mode 288-360
Attack effect None
Perks None
Dodge None
Spawns in
Bandit city fort No
Forts Magdeburg gang fort
Baikal gang fort (Zima)
Sangar gang fort
Magadan gang fort
Kamchatka gang fort
Muroran gang fort
Khabarovsk gang fort
Golden dragon fort (Jilin)
Wasteland No
Special class None



IconBackgroundCraft Repair (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
Results :

Durability +20%

IconBackgroundDestroy Disassemble (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
  • PKM x1
Results :

In history

The PKM machine gun is an improvement over the older PK machine gun, both of soviet origin and based on the design of the AK family of rifles. The PKM serves as a general purpose machine for the soviet and later Russian army for its reliability and adaptability to different tasks.

Designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and manufactured at the Degtyaryov plant, the PKM was created to replace the older RPD and SGM machineguns and keep the soviet 7,62x54mm R cartrdige widly used in soviet firearms.

The PKM entered service in 1969 and is still used along its older model, the PK by Russian forces and other former Soviet union member countries.

Version changes



  • PKM is added to the game for the first time

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