" Nuclear battery with an operating life of 20 years. The main active ingredient is tritium. Radiation caused by the dissolution of tritium is considered safe. Can be used to construct an electric car "

Details Edit

This unique battery functions by the decay of a safe radioactive isotope called tritium giving it the distinctive green glow of the battery.

It is powerful enough to power a car.

Obtaining Edit

The player must defeat the Khabarovsk bandit camp before he can take the nuclear battery with him.

Recipes Edit

The nuclear battery has the recipe to assemble the electric car o e-car for short (See Actions below).

Vehicles Edit

Actions Edit


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Trivia Edit

  • The nuclear battery was the second and last reward from the quest Retribution, after defeating the Khabarovsk camp and launching the nuclear missile, the survivor found the battery inside one of the computers controlling the nuclear silo.
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