Information on this page is accurate for version v.670 and can differ from the current info in v.679.

" The locals here are living through tough times: diseases are breaking out one after another and parasites have wiped out most of the harvest, causing some people to die of starvation and others to leave for other survivor camps, Another pressing problem is the lack of fuel "

Location on the global map

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The Novosibirsk camp is an eastern survivor camp. This camp is under lock down when arriving due to plagues and diseases.


Notable residents

  • Yerofeyev. The camp leader, has the camp under lockdown until antibiotics can be found. Yerofeyev will give you all the quests on this base.
  • The trader. As with all survivor camps, this one also has a trader.
  • Bunkhouse owner. for some Rifle ammo you can rest a few days on the camp,



Fedya used to live on the Novosibirsk camp on older versions, he was moved to Magnitogorsk along with his quest (Vodka quest).

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