" Just as I feared, I've made a habit of smoking and now I'm addicted. I can't go a day without having a few cigarretes. "Edit


Cause: Consuming excessive amounts of Cigarettes in under 24 hoursAssumption

Prevention: Avoid consuming high amounts of cigarettes, keeping it to a few a day at most. If possible, use an alternative method of obtaining energy such as coffee, tea, or just resting.

Treatment: A cure for the illness does not exist but its effects can be reduced by smoking a cigarette every 12 hours. However this resets the 14 day duration period, and is thus not advised.

With the chain Smoker perk, you no longer get harmed when consuming a cigarette but depletes food, energy, health and progress undergoing forever. If the player gives up Chain Smoker perk, then it still exists but it lasts 14 days. Note that using a cigarette will reset its progress similar to never having the perk but getting addicted.

Effect Edit

Effects when the addiction is satisfied:

  • Max HP: -8
  • Max Energy: -8
  • Carry Weight: -8%
  • Duration: 12 hours

When addiction is not satisfied:

  • Max HP: -10
  • Max Energy: -10
  • Carry Weight: -10%
  • -5 Food/hour
  • -1Energy/hour
  • Duration: ≤13 days, 12 hours without Chain Smoker
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