*Follow this quest to get the BelAZ.

Head to Mirny and talk to Vladimir. He will tell you all about his plans to build the greatest wasteland conquering machine of all time. He just needs a little help and then he will agree to let you be "steersman".

Unfortunately, a little help happens to be a ridiculously long list of materials. So if the BelAZ is your goal, start accumulating these items from Day 1.


Moving town Note No. 1
I was told about a guy who is looking for assistants to repair his BelAZ. I should find out more.

Location on the global map

Map ussr-small
Mirny, quest start
Moving town Note No. 2
This guy is crazy. He wants to embed an atomic reactor in his BelAZ! He gave me a list of parts and a map showing where the nuclear reactor parts to be taken to Mirny are. Looks like I'm crazy too...

Items required

To complete the quest you'll need to bring back to Mirny:

Comprehensive guide about materials gathering

Required and recommended items for gathering


List is organized from the most important to the least important. Notice last items will significantly improve quality of life, and are relatively easy to craft.

Required and recommended levels for gathering

Book mechanics skill

Recommended levels for gathering specific items :

  • Level 87 needed to smelt steel with the Steelmaking furnace.
  • Level 87 needed to make steel tools.
  • Level 87 needed to craft KamAZ, which you need in order to move the reactors. (if you reached level 93, you can make the KrAZ-255)
  • Level 75 needed to make greenhouses (for farming corn to distill into whiskey to trade).
  • Level 63 needed to craft bellows/furnace, which is how you make nails, barrels, wire, and iron pipe
  • Level 43 needed to start crafting Car battery.

Gathering methods


Starting point should be to get the KamAZ and set up your base next to Ufa (if you are going to grind for sulfuric acid) or some other location not too far off the main trading routes.

You need to gather huge amounts of bricks, scrap metal, firewood and fire-bricks to make the requested buildings. Being closer to a city will save fuel/resources. You should already have assembled the electric car. It is very efficient to collect or trade for diesel and other materials.


Nuclear reactor parts

They are found in Chernobyl, which is in the far west. It's a small circle on the map called "CNPP" about 100 km northeast of Kiev. Each part weights 20 tons, which will bring you above 80% in your KamAZ and you will be moving slowly on the way back to Mirny. The whole trip is about 30,000 kilometers.

Try to follow the straightest possible line. Despite automatically stopping at the edge with a warning, you can cross rivers in a KamAZ. This will not use up extra diesel, but just takes forever. You may use cities jutting into the river as shortcuts. If you avoid cities, you should not get attacked in a KamAZ and therfore you can travel light. You will need to bring enough material for about 12 repairs (120 auto spare parts, 24 tires, etc) and enough food (10 stew meat and 20 water, if you let yourself go hungry; otherwise double that).

1000x Clean water You can Boil water, use the water purifier, and/or find water in hospitals (Not recommended)

Steel tools Steel tools

Can be made with the forge chimney and steel. Easy enough given that you need 50,000 steel for this quest.

Auto spare parts

Picked up from a Car Workshop, Garage or on the road where broken cars sit. Also can be traded for 50 activated coal --> 1 auto parts in Chelyabinsk survivor camp.

Iron pipe

Forged with scrap metal, can do 50 at a time, or found in construction sites, ruined buildings and craters.
50Car battery There are several ways to obtain them, and since 50 is a lot, use a combination of all of the following: Method 1 is the Whiskey Cycle. You can trade 1 Car battery For 50 Whiskey at Irkutsk Survivor Camp. Method 2 is to craft using a broken automotive battery and 15 sulfuric acid. Grinding bees in Ufa for sulfuric acid is one option but a better way is to craft it (see method below).
100,000x Scrap Can collect from ruins or broken cars on the road; this is very heavy, so either deliver this with the steel in your KamAZ or just wait and scavenge scrap from the villages and towns surrounding Mirny (it's quite easy to just find the scrap that you need inside Mirny after everything else is moved.)
50,000x Steel Hardest and longest part of the quest. Steel making furnace needs to be built first, which takes ages. After this, you need 1k coal to make approx 250-500 steel. You can also get steel from bandit camps, usually 3k-5k steel each (bandit camps that are their own location, not the ones in cities). Optionally, you can trade one HMR in Magnitogorsk Survivor Camp for 100 steel; this would take 500 rockets.
100,000x Lead Easy to get from broken automotive batteries, approx 1.5k per battery. Batteries are quite heavy but can be found with broken cars on the road. You need approx 67 batteries to get 100k lead. Can also be traded for 100 Machine oil --> 500 Lead in Magnitogorsk survivor camp
10,000x Nail Forged from scrap metal.
10,000x Wire Forged from scrap metal.
1,000x Insulating tape Found in many buildings and can also be traded at Sverdlovsk Survivor camp: 1 detoxifying potion for 3 tape. To get 1k tape you would need 334 Detoxifying potion, which can be crafted or traded for at the forest trader.


To get the 3 reactor parts with your KamAZ you will need an incredible amount of diesel fuel : a round trip from Mirny to CNPP and back again requires just under 3kk diesel. So three trips plus another ~1M to bring your steel/scrap/pipes to Mirny in the first place, requires approximately 10 M diesel. Save diesel, beware to plan your trips carefully when using your KamAZ for anything other than for this quest.

  • Find diesel by tediously collecting from around the map.
  • Buy with caps at the shop.
  • Trade for it at Tyumen ( 1 Sulfuric Acid -> 2k Diesel)


  • Method 1 is to kill and butcher bees to synthesize sulfuric acid.
  • Method 2 is to use the traders to get sulfur from stew meat and bone glue: 1 Stew meat to 150 sulfur (Irkutsk), 1 Bone glue to 200 sulfur (Chelyabinsk).

The BelAZ is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Besides not needing fuel, it also does not need to be repaired!! Enjoy.


1) When you finally meet Vladimir with everything you need, your KamAZ or KrAZ-255 cannot carry everything at once because it willbe too heavy. Take each reactor part and drop it in Mirny Survivor Camp one at a time. Then bring everything else you need and drive up to him again. Load everything into your inventory and talk to him and you can then complete the quest.

2) Unless you really enjoy grinding, determine how much your time is worth to you. Buying the premium version of game so you can save/load alone is worth it. Each diesel station has 5 chances to search and each search can produce 1-50k diesel. Save/load to make sure you get at least 40k per search. The same goes for getting steel (aim for at least 2.5k per cycle). As saving/loading is no longer part of the game, this part is now irrelevant.

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