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Moving town is the only quest entrusted to the player at the Mirny survivor camp and the longest single stage quest in the whole game given the amount of materials it requires for completion, character level and traveling.

Beginning the quest

At the Irkutsk surivors' base the man from Yakutsk from the Guide quest will tell the survivor about a friend of his looking for an assistant to repair his BelAZ.

The quest location can also be reached without finishing the Guide quest and skipping directly to Mirny.

Quest debriefing

Vladimir wants to repair and upgrade his BelAZ so it becomes a nuclear powered vehicle or as he calls it "The Ultimate Wasteland Conquering Machine" but he is still missing a few components, specially the reactors from the CNPP (Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant) where he used to work.

Extra debriefing

Given the nature of this quest, the survivor can start searching for the materials to complete the quest since day 1 but must keep in mind that early game will lack proper habitat, transport and tools.

It is strongly advised to the survivor to first:

  1. Establish a permanent habitat.
  2. Develop self sustainability (food, water, fuel, ammo, tools, medicines).
  3. Commandeer a high capacity vehicle.

Items required

To complete the quest you'll need to bring back to Mirny:

Material Gathering

Required and levels for gathering

The quest requires reaching specific levels to advance in the quest.

Level 43

link={{{2}}}NOTE: If crating batteries waste too much resources the survivor can wait until he is level 75 and distill his own whiskey for trading (More information on this below).

Level 63

  • Iron (Scrap metal) forging unlocked. (Tools, barrels, wire, nails, iron pipes, bellows and forge chimney)

Level 87

Level 87 is the minimum level to fully complete Moving town quest as it unlocks the schematics for assembling a KamAZ.

link={{{2}}}NOTE: For extra hauling space the survivor can wait until he has leveled up to 93 and assemble a KrAZ vehicle. (More information below)

Extra recommendations


A great place to live during the quest is the city of Ufa. Rich in bees and thus in acid glands makes it the easiest source of sulfuric acid.

The electric car

Owning an electric car can be a great asset during the quest.

  • Saves on resources (Gasoline, Oil and tires)
  • Great for trading Sulfuric acid to diesel from Ufa to Tyumen.

The survivor must keep in mind every 20% repair action will use 1 sulfuric acid.


Nuclear reactor parts x3

Weight: 60 tons

Located inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (CNPP) northeast the city of Kiev and weighting 20 tons each, the reactors are the heaviest objects from the list.

Moving the reactors require the survivor to command either a KamAZ or a KrAZ-255 truck as they are the only vehicles with enough capacity to hold. The survivor can choose between using a KamAZ or leveling up yo 93 in order to unlock the KrAZ and haul the reactor witch enough extra space for more diesel and supplies for the trip as loading the KamAZ will use 78% of its total capacity and 57% if using the KrAZ-255.

The survivor might be tempted to follow a non linear path during the delivery journey to take advantage of roads while avoiding speed penalties from terrain and radiation, but this path will consume more fuel and requires more stopping for repairs due to detours. The ideal way would be to follow the straightest line possible from the CNPP to Mirny in order to economize the fuel expenditure.

Clean Water x1000

Weight: 500kg

By this point the survivor must be capable of securing water without the need for looting it or collecting from natural sources (mountain clear streams). The quickest way possible to collect the required amount of water is by means of a water purifier.

Ice melting, rain, streams, or water filters are slow, time consuming and depend on the weather.

Steel tools x10

Weight: 25kg

Easily crafted by the survivor once he has achieved steel smelting levels and has access to a forge.

Auto Spare Parts x500

Weight: 800kg

Car workshops, garages and wrecks on city roads are the main source of auto parts, scavenging a big city might yield enough parts to complete the quota required for the quest.

The Chelyabinsk survivor camp also trades 50 activated charcoal for 1 auto spare part, that would be 6300 coal and water plus a crafting time of over an in game week.

Iron pipe x1000

Weight: 3 tons

Found in construction sites, ruined buildings and craters. the quickest way is to forge them, each pipe will use 50 scrap and 1 bellow use. In total 20 bellows and 50k scrap will be used in forging the pipes.

Car batteries x50

Weight: 750kg

There are 2 methods to obtain them the survivor must choose them depending on his capabilities or mix them.

Method 1: is the Whiskey Cycle. You can trade 50 Whiskey for 1 Car battery at the Irkutsk Survivor Camp. corn can easily be obtained by trading 1 TT ammo for 1 corn at the Petropavlovsk survivor camp.

Method 2: Craft using a broken car batteries. While not as slow as growing corn during 4 months and the waiting almost another month for whiskey to be done, crafting car batteries takes precious resources that can de destined to finishing the moving town quest.

For 50 batteries the next resources will be spent:

  • 500 Insulating tape
  • 750 Sulfuric acid
  • 250 Water
  • 50 Broken batteries

In case the survivor has in his possession the broken batteries, it would be a wiser move to smelt them to obtain between 50,000 and 150,000 Lead.

Scrap metal x100,000

Weight: 10 tons

Can be collect from ruins or disassembled cars, specially from the cars disassembled to obtain the auto spare parts.

While it may seem like a lot of scrap in the need to be collected the truth is that scrap is one of the most common resources and thus it is advised to collect the scrap metal in the areas surround Mirny and from the city itself.

Steel x50,000

Weight: 5 tons

Steel is a rare material to loot only found on few military bandit camps (Bandit fort level 3) and inside 11 of the 15 bandit wasteland forts (not counting Abakan).

Method 1:The first method is trough steel smelting in the steel smelting furnace, this is the slowest method due to the time it takes to finish the smelting process, resources wasted and the small amount of steel obtained

Method 2:Trading 1 rocket at Magnitogorsk for 100 steel, not the best option since rockets require a moderate amount of materials to craft.

Method 3: the quickest way of obtaining the 50k or near 50k steel is by attacking the so called "Super Bandit Camps" found trough the wasteland.

Lead x100,000

Weight: 100kg

Lead is not a hard material to acquire, if the survivor has been dismantling cars he should have acquired a few batteries so far, smelting at least 60 batteries should be enough or close enough to the goal.

Nails x50,000

Weight: 2 tons 150kg

Can be forged from scrap metal, or looted from intact houses. They can also be obtained from nailed boxes.

Wire x10,000

Weight: 150kg

Forged from scrap metal and found in intact houses, car workshops and garages. Can also be traded at Tula survivors' camp-5 strawberry for 1 wire. This would take 50 000 strawberries, which you can plant in your greenhouse, if you decide to use this method.

Insulating tape x1000

Weight: 5kg

Found in many buildings and can also be traded at Sverdlovsk Survivor camp: 1 detoxifying potion for 3 tape. To get 1k tape you would need 333 Detoxifying potion, which can be crafted or traded at the forest trader for salt. However, a forest trader is extremely rare and hard to find, so be ready with salt whenever you're searching the forests. You can trade 5 salt for 1 alcohol at Arzamas.


In order to move the reactor parts from the CNPP al the way to mirny it will be needed a vehicle with enough carrying capacity, this will require an inmense ammount of fuel: a one-way trip from Mirny to CNPP requires about 1.7kk diesel at least. So 5 one-way trips plus another ~1kk to bring your steel/scrap/pipes to Mirny in the first place, requires approximately 10kk diesel. Save diesel, beware to plan your trips carefully when using your truck for anything other than for this quest, or simply use a different vehicle, like an e-car.

  • Find diesel by tediously collecting from around the map.
  • Buy with caps at the shop.
  • Trade it at Tyumen ( 1 sulfuric acid bottle -> 2k diesel gallons)
  • You can choose to go back from Mirny to CNPP using a cheaper vehicle (e.g., e-car), to reduce the number of one-way trips to 3, at a total of about 6kk diesel. You will need to leave your truck at Mirny and craft new trucks in CNPP if you intend to use this method.
  • You can also choose to use krAZ-225 with Truck 3 perk instead, which can carry 2 reactor parts at once while carrying a maximum of 368k diesel. So you will need to create pit stops along the way before making the two-reactor trip. Utilizing this method cuts down the number of trips to 3 trips, at a total of about 6kk diesel to finish this quest. If you combine this with the previous method to reduce it to 2 trips, a total of 4.5kk diesel is needed.

Sulfuric Acid

  • Method 1 is to kill and butcher giant bees in Ufa to synthesize sulfuric acid. This will require 1 acid gland, 100 sulfur and 5 bottles of clean water for 1 sulfuric acid.
  • Method 2 is to use the traders to get sulfur from stew meat and bone glue: 1 stew meat for 150 sulfur (Irkutsk), 1 bone glue for 20 sulfur (Chelyabinsk).
  • Method 3 is to find sulfur by searching the radioactive wasteland. This method will probably take forever since it takes time to find sulfur in the rad. wasteland. If you intend to use this method, you should get the scavenger perk first.