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" Nothing but crags and cold wind "

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Mountains are dark grayish brown areas on the map. Many mountains can be found on the east and south-east sides of the map, initially in Europe and in the Urals region.

Significantly decreases the speed of movement when crossing the mountains with any vehicle except the helicopter.

This is the only biome that provides clean water, so it is recommended to camp near mountains.

Flora Edit

Plants and herbs found on the mountains are not unique to this biome as they can be found elsewhere. White man's foot seems to be more abundant on mountains than on other terrain.

Fauna Edit

Mountain wildlife includes almost all types of animals with their radioactive variants. Insects, arachnids, swamp based creatures and humans are not found on mountains.

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Random encounters Edit

Abandoned camp: Receive a few pieces of low-tier loot.

Withered body: Receive a few pieces of low-tier loot.

A clear stream: You can collect 8 - 20 bottles of Clean water.

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It is one of the few biomes that does not have a radioactive variant.

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