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Moscow(Москва) It is the biggest city in the game and was the capital of the U.S.S.R. It is located south of Leningrad. It surrounded by many towns and cities.


Since Moscow exceeds 30 KM's across, it is suggested to take some fatigue-curing Lidiacide-34, or if you are prepared and have A TON OF FOOD AND WATER, Metocaine. Beware metocaine gives Pyschostimulation, which significantly increases hunger and Thirst while effect is active.

Speaking of food and water, make sure you set-up a camp outside Moscow to pile up supplies and recover quickly from exploration. A transport like a bicycle is strongly recommended to save time. A transport with an important payload will lower the number of trips needed to loot the city. A bicycle with a cart is a good, fuel-friendly option.

Points of interestEdit

There is a broken KrAZ-225 near the Kremlin wall, at the center of the city. There usually are Hunting shop, military base and police station.


Moscow is surrounded by a TON of cities, but a lot of them are in radiation zones, which are way more radioactive and dangerous than regular cities. Keep some some Chlorcystamine, a good radiation armor like a chemical suit, and several respirators/gas masks when venturing into those hell-holes.

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