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Moroz's Terem is undoubtedly the best house building a player could own in-game. It provides the longest shelf-life of all food items by 10,000% and serves as a player's fridge. It is a unique building that can be taken down and relocated to another location if the player wishes to move to another base.

The Terem provide players protection from extreme weather environments and wild animals. This building also grant players massive rest bonus and protection against radiation. It is safe to say that players can enjoy great benefits once they own a life-changing building such as the Moroz's Terem.


Moroz's Terem was first introduced during the 2019-2020 Christmas & New Year Event and reappeared again during the 2021 New Year's Event. Like every Christmas and New Year Event, Moroz's Terem is the highlight of these events.

Every year, the quest for obtaining Moroz's Terem changes and during the 2021 New Year's Event, players must first need to gather enough Magic Balls and Magic Cones to decorate the New Year Tree. The tasks given are part of the main quest of the event (Festive Miracle) and players must finished them all in-order to obtain Moroz's Terem.


Moroz's Terem is originally stored in a snow globe. Players needs to set it up first on their desired location to enjoy it's benefits.

craftcraft Set Up

Materials Needed Result
  • Terem Snow Globe
Moroz's Terem

On the other hand, if players wish move to another base of operation, they can simply take down Moroz's Terem at the expense of 1,000 Tangerines.

CraftCraft Assemble

Materials Needed Result
Terem Snow Globe


  • Similar to Moroz's Terem, Tent is another type of structure that can be taken down and relocated however they are not classified as building and only Moroz's Terem is the only permanent base that can be relocated given that player has Tangerines to spare.
  • Cooked foods, herbs and animal carcasses can stay fresh inside the Terem for several years.
  • During the 2019 Christmas Event, when players finished the Christmas table and all of the quests, a map was awarded providing the location of Moroz's Terem. Players must defeat evil Snowmen inside the Terem to be able to obtain the Terem Snow Globe.
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