Details Edit

Best house obtainable but only for a limited time, the Moroz´s Terem was a 2019 Christmas event reward, offers the best food shelf life storage of all player bases.

Obtaining Edit

During the 2019 Christmas event after the player finished the Christmas table and finished the quest a map was awarded with the location of the Moroz´s Terem.

The player must fight the evil snowmen inside the Terem and after winning the battle a snow globe is awarded.

Actions Edit

As the Terem Snow Globe

IconBackgroundPickup Set up

As the Moroz´s Terem

IconBackgroundCraft Assemble (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
Results :
  • +1 Terem Snow Globe

Trivia Edit

  • On v.650 if the player died during the Terem fight he will stil obtain the snowglobe, fixed on v.652/653
  • The Terem is originally obtained as an item.
  • Only Permanent base that can be moved if the player has tangerines to spare
  • 10,000% food storage is the best in the game. It is enough to keep most fresh food, herbs and animals for several years.
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