Moonshine has a 1% chance to cause blindness. It is mostly used to craft Alcohol to trade for Salt. Getting moonshine from a barrel can be affected by the Moonshiner Perks.



The distillation process takes 28 days for 40 - 50 piecesplease check this amount (one barrel). You will need :

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Requires the following materials :
Requires the following tools :
Results :


  • Some bandit camps may have moonshine.


  • Without Moonshiner perk, the yield per barrel is (please fill in the amount)
  • With Moonshiner 3, the moonshine yield per barrel is 26-52. The average yield is 39.
  • One moonshine can be synthed to give 1-3 Alcohol. Thus, the average is 2 Alcohol per synth.
  • Synthesizing 1k moonshine takes about 2 in-game days
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