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Four barreled, gas operated machine-gun the GShG-7.62 is an exclusive weapon obtainable only for those who had the Mi-24 helicopter.

Obtaining Edit

The "minigun" was only obtainable for those who had the Mi-24 Helicopter, disassembling it resulted in the "minigun" and a functional Mi-8 Helicopter

Since the combat system update the Mi-24 is no longer available thus making the "minigun" unobtainable as well.

Actions Edit



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Requires the following materials :
Results :
  • Durability (+20%)

Trivia Edit

  • GShG 7.62 stands for Glagolev-Shipunov-Gryazev, the three designers of the gun
  • It was actually designed as a vehicle mounted machine-gun, specifically for the Mi-24 wich in game has to be disassembled to obtain it
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