" Durable and low-maintenance, this uniform was worn by all Soviet soldiers not all that long ago. It is now prized by residents of the wasteland for its defensive and commanding look "

Details Edit

A soldier parade uniform offers average armor against weak enemies, good for starters.

Obtaining Edit

Looting Edit

Shopping Edit

  • Can be bought at the shop for 149 caps.Caps


IconBackgroundSew Repair (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
Requires the following tools :
Results :
  • Durability (+20%)


IconBackgroundDestroy Tear (click to expand/collapse)
Requires the following materials :
  • Military uniform x1
Results :
  • +30 rags

IconBackgroundPickupPick up



  • Updated as of V620
  • The uniform in the game is used by the VDV (Russian Airborn), which is still used in the Russian Federation.
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