Characteristics Edit

  • Fastest road, off-road and water speed in the game
  • Very large carrying capacity
  • Great for travelling to far places no matter where they are due to it not being affected by terrain
  • Infinite Mileage
  • Very hard to obtain
  • One of the most valuable vehicles in the game
  • Uses diesel. High fuel consumption


Cargo helicopter, speed unaffected by terrain. Great for trading lightweight items quickly. It doesn't wear out.

Obtaining Edit

Crafting Edit

IconBackgroundCraft Assemble (click to expand/collapse)
Recipe is unlocked at mechanics skill level 13
Requires the following materials :
Requires the following tools :
Results :

Mi-8 x1

Shopping Edit

  • Mi-8 is available for 75000 Caps in the shop.

Other Edit

Broken Mi-8 Edit

Broken mi24
A broken Mi-8 is located in the Airport just outside Moscow (was Mi-24 before V.607 update and was near Arkhangelsk before V.596 update).
  • Item weight: 7.5 tons

Hints Edit

Real World Edit

Russian Air Force Mi-8 irl

Original Mil Mi-8 helicopter.

The Mil Mi-8  is a medium twin-turbine helicopter, originally designed by the Soviet Union, and now produced by Russia. In addition to its most common role as a transport helicopter, the Mi-8 is also used as an airborne command post, armed gunship, and reconnaissance platform.

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Trivia Edit

  • It's one of the two unique vehicles that can't be disassembled or wear out, the other being the BelAZ.
  • Added in 610 update, along with the GAZ-66, BAV-485 and KrAZ-255.
  • It consumes the same amount of fuel as of the ZIL-130.
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