Information on this page is accurate for version v.670 and can differ from the current info in v.679.


The main character is the unnamed playable character who is the main focus of the game. He woke up in Nikel one day not remembering anything, and begins his journey to uncover the truth about himself and the country.


The main character gains experience for various activities done in the game, and upon accumulating enough experience, he can level up and unlock crafting recipes via research points.

The main character can also cook food by mixing certain ingredients in the correct composition.

In premium version, the character can unlock a premium-exclusive pet raven, which will be shown in the character image as well, unlike other pets.

Biography (Pre-war/epidemic)

Born in Soviet Russia, he married Galya just before she gave birth to a child (spoiler alert for the link to the child), about whom Galya sensed it would be a girl.

Initially they lived a happy life, but due to busyness at work he failed to manage his family well, which ended up in Galya leaving with the daughter.

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He woke up in Nikel on 1 September 1990 suffering from severe memory loss but otherwise healthy, and carrying a worn out Makarov with a few bullets.

Physical appearance

The main character is a male in his late forties with a slender but slightly muscular build, long black hair and sporting a full beard.

The main character neutral outfit consists of old, torn and dirty clothes, a grey sleeveless shirt, greenish pants with patches from previous repairs and a pair of old boots with the pants tucked inside them.

Seems to have an unknown wound in his right wrist and left arm.


Clicking on the inventory will show the image of the main character, depending on the armor that he is wearing. Initially the main character does not wear any specific clothing, and shown shivering.

As the game progress, the main character will get better armor, and the image of the main character is also updated. The various images of the main character is shown in the gallery below.


  • During cut scenes where the majority of the survivor can be seen, the bandages appear to be in different locations than the ones shown in the naked (standard) outfit.
    • Right arm is missing the upper arm and wrist bandage.
    • Left arm has the hand bandaged in the naked outfit, but during cut scenes that hand does not have any wrapping around.
  • Before v610(?) the survivor physical appearance was unknown as only silhouettes or advertising images depicted the survivor.
  • He is not named during the course of the story, as other people calling him only by nicknames such as "bandit", "drifter", etc.
  • His story has changed at least 2 times during game development thus creating a current and old timeline of events regarding his adventure trough the soviet wasteland.
  • If the stickers released by TLT can be considered canonical, the main character might have a golden tooth.

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