" At first, the refugees from Magnitogorsk made do with the grain stored in the warehouses of the local grain elevator. Now whole fields of crops have been tilled around the settlement: wheat, barley, buckwheat, peas, corn... But they don´t have any harvesting equipment, so the whole town harvests the crops by hand "


Established from the survivors from Magnitogorsk, the camp that bears his name is the first or maybe second survivor camp the player will visit on the Ural region, this camp doesn't offer any important side quest but its the only camp that has 2 traders.

It is located on the outskirts of Magnitogorsk city hence its name.

Location on the global map

Map ussr-small.jpg

Notable Residents

" The locals were surprisingly chatty! within 15 minutes i knew all about the base leader Prokhor Karlovich, and his bureaucratic tendencies, about the incredibly talented fitter Sanya, and even about the number of times the people had tried to stage an intervention for Fedya, the town drunk "


Magnitogorsk survivor camp is unique as it is the only camp that has two traders, Sanya the fitter who creates casings for steel and a normal trader.

Sanya the fitter
Buys Sells
Steel x1 Pistol shell x10
Steel x1 7.62x25mm TT Shell x10
Steel x1 Revolver shell x10
Steel x1 Assault rifle shellx5
Steel x1 Rifle shell x5

The trader
Buys Sells
Chitin x1 Scrap x100
Lidiacide-34 x5 Electrodes x1
Machine oil x100 Lead x500
Handmade rocket x1 Steel x100




The camp had the following content changes:

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