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" Used to assemble and repair machines. "

Details Edit

Machine oil is required to assemble almost all vehicles and mechanical constructions.

Obtaining Edit

Looting Edit

Disassembling Edit

Vehicles (Broken) Broken car oil Working car oil
Motorcycle x0-50 x100-500
ZAZ-968 x0-75 x500-1k
VAZ-2101 x0-100 x600-1.2k
GAZ-24 x0-200 x750-1.5k
UAZ-469 x0-300 x1.3-3k
UAZ-452 x0-400 x1-5-4.5k
ZIL-130 x0-750 x3-6k
GAZ-66 x0-500 N/A

Shopping Edit

  • x1000 units of machine oil might be obtained from the shop if the player buys the Rare component box for 180 caps

Trading Edit

Tyumen survivor camp Edit

Buys Sells
Fat x1 Machine oil x50

Trading Edit

Magnitogorsk Survivor camp Edit

Buys Sells
Machine oil x100 Lead x500

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