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Green viscous liquid found on giant insects in the wasteland. Lymph is a component material that is mainly used to synthesize medicine. This material does not spoil and could be traded between survivors.


Lymph is only exclusively obtained from insect-mutants. These creatures typically lived in radioactive zones and they could be a handful to deal with without proper protection and firearms.

Listed below are the specific mutant animals which contains the material lymph.

Type of Animals Carcass Amount of Lymph
Giant Centipede Centipede corpse.png 1 piece
Worker Ant Ant corpse.png 1 - 2 pieces
Ant Soldier Ant soldier corpse.png 2 - 3 pieces
Worker Bee Bee corpse-0.png 1 - 2 pieces
Soldier Bee Bee soldier corpse.png 2 - 3 pieces
Guard Bee Guard bee corpse.png 3 - 5 pieces
Queen Bee Bee corpse.png 50 pieces
Giant Scorpion Scorpion corpse.png 3 - 7 pieces
Note: The amount of lymph obtained can be further improved with the Butcher Perk ability.


Lymph is an important ingredient when synthesizing medicines. These medicines are very important items during late game especially Chlorcystamine which is use to get Clean Water from the Purifier. Listed below are the known medications that can be crafted using the ingredient material lymph.

Image Item Required Lymph
Medicines Tratodonide.png IR-190 1 piece
Chlorcystamine.png Chlorcystamine 3 pieces
Bryocarm.png Bryocarm 3 pieces
Metocaine.png Metocaine 3 pieces
Flemincillin.png Antibiotics 1 piece


Lymph can be used as a trade item in Arzamas Survivor Camp.

Survivor Camp Buys Sells
Arzamas Base Camp Lymph x1 Lymph.png Coffee x1 Coffee.png

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