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" Headed by a former air force general, this settlement on the outskirts of Irkutsk is waging all-out war against the gangs that live in this region. A significant portion of the locals' belongings are actually battle trophies. The town also boasts its own newspaper and radio station. "

Irkutsk survivor camp is a camp far east and the furthest south camp.

Location on the global map

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  • Arkadiy the Watchmaker
  • General Kunkeyev
  • Man from Yakutsk
  • Trader
  • Bunkhouse Owner

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Quests from other camps related to this location :

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Upon visiting the bar, a man from Yakutsk will give you information about a job that involves building a BelAZ. The man will direct you to go to Mirny and accept the quest.

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