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Honey is a type of food that offers excellent nutritional value to survivors as well as a detoxifier for accumulated Radiation. It is widely used as an ingredient to synthesize medicine and can also be an item for trading.


Honey can be looted inside city and town buildings and the search rate is typically randomized. They are most likely found in buildings that stores food such as Restaurants. It can also be found in the wilderness, normally in Forest as a random encounter.

Another source of acquiring honey is through mutant bees. Once butchered, they yield little to moderate amount of honey depending on the variety of the species. These bees lived exclusively at Ufa and its vicinities. Survivors must need to be careful when hunting these mutants as they deal lethal damage.

Types of Mutant Carcass Amount of Honey
Worker Bee Bee corpse-0.png 1 - 2 pieces
Queen Bee Bee corpse.png 25 pieces
Note: The amount of Honey shown above can be further improved with Butcher Perk.


eateat Eat


Honey is an ingredient used mainly for cooking, synthesizing and trading. The value of honey can be compared to Poison and Lymph as they are all important ingredients during late games.

Item Required Honey
Food Cake napoleon.png Cake 1 piece
Medicine Bryocarm.png Bryocarm 1 piece
Ferment Aquavit.png Aqua Vitae 100 pieces

Honey is also used to treat a condition called Somnambulism and it is usually paired with Hot Tea.


Honey can be used as a trade item in Novosibirsk Survivor Camp.

Survivor Camp Buys Sells
Novosibirsk Base Camp Honey x1 Honey.png Threads x10 Thread.png


  • Carrying honey inside the backpack can trigger a random and unique event. If a survivor sleep without a Fire, a Bear will ransack and destroy the bag and take away your honey.
  • In previous versions (v595), honey can be used to cure Poisoning.

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