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This is the most important stat. When this reaches zero you are DEAD.

Health will decrease because of :Edit

  • Starvation (from -1hp/h to -10hp/h depending on how long the player has been starving)
  • Dehydration (from -1hp/h to -10hp/h depending on how long the player has been at 0 hydration)
  • Diseases and Injuries (depending on disease/injury, can go up to -15hp/h(?))
  • Poisoning (removed from the game)
  • Bleeding (removed from the game)
  • Radiation (Starts draining health when the character is exposed to 10+ radiation at the rate of about -2hp/h. The higher the radiation level is, the faster the character‘s health will drain. Can go up to 10hp/h) (harmless unless the player has radiation sickness)
  • Some weather events (Dust storm, Snowstorm -10hp/h)
  • Enemies (when defeated the character is left with 5hp)

Health will increase by:Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Health used to be called exhaustion and the exhaustion counter was going from 0 to 100. The higher the player's survival level was the more exhaustion he could take (could go up to 300).
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