" It helps you to grind grains into flour. "

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Hand Mill is a great tool used to grind variety of grains into Flour. It is one of the essential equipments needed for players who grow crops inside Greenhouses.

Grains that could be grinded includes Wheat, Corn, Buckwheat Grains and Rice Grains. This tool will break on its 100 use.


Handmill is a craftable item and its schematics is available when players reached Level 63. This tool could be unlocked in exchange for 10 Research Points.

ForgeForge Forge

Materials Needed Images Result
Scrap x20 Scrap metal.png Handmill x1
Firewood x1 Wood.png
Nail x4 Nail.png
Glue or Insulating Tape x5 Glue tape.png
Bellows Bellows.png
Tool Kit Tools.png
Forge Chimney (Lit Up) Forge chimney on.png

In addition, Handmill can also be traded from Arzamas Survivor Camp in exchange for 3 bottles of Vodka Vodka.png.


Below are information inregards to the amount of flour for each of the grains when grinded.

Required Materials Image Result
Wheat x1 Wheat.png Flour x2-3
Handmill Hand mill.png

Required Materials Image Result
Corn x1 Corn.png Flour x1-2
Handmill Hand mill.png

Required Materials Image Result
Buckwheat Grain x1 Buckwheat.png Flour x1
Handmill Hand mill.png

Required Materials Image Result
Rice Grain x1 Rice grains.png Flour x1
Handmill Hand mill.png


UseUse Make (Grind)

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