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Details[edit | edit source]

The greenhouse is a construction that allows the player to grow grains, fruits and vegetables.

Only one kind of plant can be planted at a time. It takes time to grow food and occupies the whole structure.

It requires a substantial amount of resources, including heavy cement, and a lot of heavy bricks.

Plants will not rot when fully grown. If you do not need to use them, do not harvest them. Harvest only one greenhouse at a time. Do your cooking (pickling), then harvest the next in order to avoid wasting food. It is recommended to build a house to preserve harvested produce from rotting too quickly, before building a greenhouse. A dugout is needed for fermenting moonshine, wine and whiskey. A good start would be about 2-3 barrels per greenhouse for fermenting your alcohol.

It is recommended to build multiple greenhouses for trading purposes.

Plantations[edit | edit source]

Plant Harvesting Time before harvest
Potatoes 250-300 4 months
Strawberry 200-250 4 months
Vegetables 200-250 4 months
Tangerine 150-200 4 months
Wheat 200-250 4 months
Corn 150-200 4 months
Apples 200-250 4 months
Pumpkin 4 months


Equipment needed: Shovel

Tips on how to get materials for each plantation:

  • You may extract seeds from each respective produce
  • (If you exchange soap for saltpeter in Tula, 30 soap is needed per plant.)
  • Small amounts of Salt can be exchanged for large quantities of Coal at Tyumen
  • 1 Wine, either red wine or homemade can be exchanged for 25 Bones at Omsk. If without belaz, hunting and butchering animals such as Radioactive Turtle will give large amounts of bones. Radioactive counterparts usually give higher amount of bones when butchered.


With the Farmer Perk Lv1-Lv3 (25%/50%/100% increased yield per greenhouse), more crops can be produced. At Farmer 3, 300-500 crops can be expected per greenhouse for Potatoes, Strawberries, Vegetables, Tangerine, Wheat, Corn and Apples. (Add pumpkin yield for farmer 3) The Moonshiner perk can be used together with the Farmer perk to produce more alcohol. At Moonshiner 3, 26-52 moonshine can be obtained per barrel. While 52-65 of wine/whiskey can be obtained per barrel.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe is unlocked at level 75. It requires :

Result :

  • Greenhouse (marked)

After placing the mark, each construction "action" builds 2% of the structure. To build every 2%, one use of any Shovel (Shovel, Rusted Shovel, Steel Shovel) and one use of any Axe (Axe, Rusted Axe, Steel Axe) is required. See Equipment.

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