" You can grow various plants in a greenhouse all year round. "

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Greenhouse are one of the building structures in-game that is mainly used to cultivate various crops such as grains, fruits and vegetables. It's one of the most essential structures in late games as it's the main source for most of the trades conducted in the wasteland.


Greenhouse's schematics is available once survivors reached level 75. Its crafting recipe could then be unlocked in-exchange for 3 Research Points.

ForgeForge Constructing

Required Tools Result
Firewood x1,000 Wood.png Water Purifier

Water purifier.png

Building (Greenhouse)

Mark greenhouse.png

Nail x500 Nail.png
Scrap x5,000 Scrap metal.png
Glue or Insulating Tape x500 Glue tape.png
Brick x4,000 Brick.png Workbench


Cement x8 Cement-0.png
Iron Pipe x20 Water pipe.png

Required Result
Tool Kit Tools.png +2% Build
Axe Axe.png
Shovel Shovel.png

Required Result
Greenhouse x1


Firewood x500 Wood.png
Nail x250 Nail.png
Scrap x2,500 Scrap metal.png
Brick x2,000 Brick.png
Iron Pipe x10 Water pipe.png


Once the Greenhouse is built, survivors can finally start their farming life. However, the materials needed for planting is rather costly and survivors may need to plan ahead if they wish to be efficient with their time.

UseUse Planting

A Shovel is required to harvest the crops once they are all ripen.

Crops Grow Time Harvest Yield
Greenhouse (Apple).png Apple 4 Months 75 - 125
Greenhouse (Corn).png Corn 4 Months 75 - 125
Greenhouse (Potato).png Potatoes 4 Months 75 - 125
Greenhouse (Pumpkin).png Pumpkin 4 Months 75 - 125
Greenhouse (Strawberry).png Strawberry 4 Months 75 - 125
Tangerine (Greenhouse).png Tangerine 4 Months 75 - 125
Greenhouse (Vegetable).png Vegetables 4 Months 75 - 125
Greenhouse (Wheat).png Wheat 4 Months 75 - 125
Note: The amount of crops harvested can be further improved with the Farmer Perk.

All crops do not spoil or rot once they reached their maturation. The crops stay fresh inside the greenhouse and can be harvested anytime they want. However, it is recommended for players to construct a home base if they wish to harvest the crops. Building a sturdy home base will extend the spoil time of the harvested crops preventing them from rotting straight away.


If survivors wish to know more about farming, a guide page is created to assist players everything about efficient farming methods.

Advice.png Wasteland Survivor Guide (Farming)


  • Apple and Tangerine can only be planted once. Once they are harvested, they will continue to grow unless the survivor resets the greenhouse.
  • The Weather can either improve or affect the harvest yield of the crops. Harvest Season will increase the harvest of crops by +50% while Barren Season decrease yield amount of crops by -50%.
  • In farming, some Perks can be joined together to maximise item production such as with Butcher Perk, Farmer Perk, Moonshiner Perk and Lasting Effect Perk.

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