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Information on this page is checked and up to date with the current version v.678.


The Great Fishing Rod is the best fishing rod available ingame. This item was first introduced during the 2020 Christmas and New Year Event and has a very high probability of catching a Fish and Caviar/Fish Roe.

It is an event-limited item that could be obtained by decorating the New Year Tree during the 2021 New Year's Event. It has a high durability and could help sustain players for days.

This item needs Bait for fishing and is repairable when broken.


UseUse Fish (Requires Bait)

CraftCraft Repair

Materials Needed Image Result
Steel x5 Steel.png Durability +20%
Glue or Insulating Tape x5 Glue tape.png
Wire x5 Wire.png
Tool Kit Tools.png

Version Info

(v675) Item updated.


  • As with many soviet era objects, the great fishing rod seems to have the soviet red star embedded on it.
  • When v675 was introduced, the Great Fishing Rod was nerfed and is no longer able to catch fish with a 100% chance.