" A large and heavily fortified base. The local gang is a threat to the entire area around it "

Details Edit

The Jirin camp is one of the strongest Super bandit camps out there, has as residents the golden dragon gang, this is located in Chinese territory south of the safe place of Birobidzhan.

Location on the global map

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Enemies Edit

The gang consists of a group of 6 men, 1 RPG, 4 machine guns and 1 rifle man who acts as the leader.

Details Edit

An artillery bandit wielding an RPG-7 .

Weapon of choice Edit

He carries an RPG-7.

Attack pattern Edit

He moves in 1 space at a time only and will shoot the player and his allies when in range. The bandit wont get into melee range.

This is the first bandit to start the attack.

Details Edit

4 Machine gunners guard the camp.

Weapon of choice Edit

The bandits carry each one a PKM machine gun.

Attack pattern Edit

Moving 2 spaces at a time and only shooting when in firing range of the player, the Machine gunners will take spot at the watchtowers and entrance once the RPG has moved from the camp entrance. if the player is close enough to the bandits, they will fire even in melee range and then move away.

Machinegunners will move after the RPG turn.

Details Edit

A rifleman appears to be the camp leader. he starts at the upper watchtower of the camp.

Weapon of choice Edit

He carries an SVD rifle

Attack pattern Edit

The leader is the last bandit to attack of all, when a bandit ally falls he will call for reinforcements from inside the base. This bandit will stay on his watchtower without moving

Loot Edit

Name EXP Loot
Golden Dragon Fort




Honey х10-25 Red wine х5-10 Plastic explosives х15-25 Diesel х250000-500000 Metocaine х10-15 Lidiacide-34 х10-15 PMG Gas Mask х1 Steel х5000-10000 Mi8 parts х14-15

Trivia Edit

  • This base was added at v 454
  • Extreme weaponry and the best protection are needed if you want a chance to win. These guy lived up to their name (RPG guy have 1000 armor and other PKM have 500).So steel armor is required when fighting these guy (tank armor would be best) and extreme heavy weaponry (RPG,PKM and f1 that sort of stuff)
  • Golden dragon gang was one of the few bandits that didn't wander outside of their camps
  • On older versions the Jirin camp used a MI-24 helicopter to defend their base as the image shows
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