There are several game modes in Day R Survival, with harsher survival mechanics as the difficulty goes higher, most notably in the required radiation level before getting radiation sickness.


Aspect Easy Normal/Online Hard
Mild radiation sickness threshold 50 30 30
Radiation sickness threshold 75 50 50
Severe radiation sickness threshold 100 75 75
Food reduction per hour 2

(1 per 30 mins)


(1 per 25 mins)


(1 per 25 mins)

Water reduction per hour 2.4

(1 per 25 mins)


(1 per 20 mins)


(1 per 20 mins)

Energy reduction per hour 1.5

(1 per 40 mins)


(1 per 35 mins)


(1 per 35 mins)

Energy reduction per hour (walking on foot) 2.1 2.4 2.4
Health regeneration per hour 0.9 0.3 0
Health recovery when sleeping per hour 0.9 0.9 0.6
Energy recovery when sleeping per hour 8 6 5
Enemy attack multiplier 100% 100% 112.5%
Walking speed 5 km/h 4 km/h 3.5 km/h



It's difficult to die in this mode. Good for getting to know the game.

In easy game mode, the threshold to get radiation sickness is higher, therefore giving players more time to loot cities before needing to get out of the radiation zone.

This doesn't mean that it is not challenging. But this game mode is more forgiving of mistakes.

Real life.jpg


One wrong step - and you're dead. Suitable for experienced players.

This mode is what the game is designed for, and players will need to be more careful in maintaining low radiation level and to food and water stats.



A real challenge. Only for experts.

Used to be called "Superhard" mode (and still is in the loading screen tips).

Overall, many players feel the additional challenges in hard mode do not make the gameplay significantly harder.



Survive with other players together. Normal difficulty.

This mode has the same challenges as the normal difficulty, but with two additional features exclusive to online mode: player trading and battle boosting.

Player Trading

Players within 10km of each other can send packages by putting the items to be sent on the ground, then tapping on the "Package" button. Some items are not tradeable, such as gasoline, diesel, any kind of armor (except Chemical Suit), and many others. In this wiki, each item is marked as tradeable if that item can be sent to another player.

Battle Boosting

Players can get help in battles by getting them to act as a non-controllable ally in battle. The ally will use whatever equipment last used by the player being used as a boost. This includes the state of armor.

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